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Baby shower gift personally wrapped

An original maternity gift that can really surprise your parents. Buy a maternity gift online and choose from 600 items from unique baby brands. Each maternity gift is festively and stylishly wrapped for free: you can select the gift option for each item: maternity gift girl, maternity gift boys or neutral.

The best maternity presents online

A wide range of special maternity gifts, at PSikhouvanjou you will find the perfect gift for the little ones. Every baby deserves a carefully chosen maternity gift. And of course we make it a party with our packing service. Maternity gifts divided into 3 different groups for you so that you can make your purchase faster and easier, maternity gift baby toys , maternity gift baby and maternity gift tableware .

TOP 5 maternity gifts 2022

HVID baby shoes sand
Moonie bear sand
Dappemaentje pacifier cloth teddy beige
DJECO rattle Baby Plui
Petit Monkey melamine plate bear

Maternity gift second child or more

With a second, third, perhaps fourth child, it often becomes more difficult to find an original baby shower gift. Of course you want the parents to be surprised. And that's exactly what PSikhouvanjou excels at: maternity gifts that you don't just find everywhere. So you no longer have to worry about finding a suitable baby shower gift. Enjoy the rusks with mice and the delicious baby scent!

Maternity gift or maternity gift package *free wrapping service*

At PSikhouvanjou we like to do what we are very good at, pack great and surprise you. We would like you to be able to visit maternity with your carefully selected maternity gift.
That is why you can have any maternity gift or an entire maternity gift package wrapped for free, so you do not have to pay for that, we are happy to do that.
Indicate your gift wishes for each item: maternity gift boy, maternity gift girl or neutral maternity gift. Do you have another personal wish? Email or call us.

Would you like to leave a personal message ? I can do that in the comments field in the check out, we write this text for you or you on a card + from whom the gift comes. We will then send your maternity gift to the future mom and dad

Sending a maternity gift or maternity gift package?

Of course it is possible to send your maternity gift or maternity gift package to a different address, in this case choose the delivery address of the person to whom you want to send the gifts.
We never add an invoice to a different delivery address. We will write a card with your personal message and mention the givers of the gift here.

Sending a maternity gift abroad?

It is also possible to send a maternity gift or maternity gift package abroad or a business maternity gift package on behalf of a company. Would you like personal advice.

No idea which maternity gift you want to give?

When you give a maternity gift, you want the gift to be used and that the parents and children really benefit from it. You want to give a gift that suits the parents and family, but also you, because only then can they later remember who gave them the baby shower gift. Then you have succeeded in giving a personal maternity gift.

How do you choose the right maternity gift?

There is no golden rule or the best idea for giving a maternity gift and it has nothing to do with the amount you want to spend, because small maternity gifts are often just as nice!
When customers call us for advice, we always ask the questions below, which will also help you find your maternity gift for the newborn baby.

1. What amount do you want to spend on the maternity gift?

Depending on your relationship with the parents and the family, you decide for yourself what amount you want to spend on the maternity gift. Maybe you remember what you received as a maternity gift at the time,

2. When do you want the maternity gift to be used?

Do you want to give a maternity gift that can be used immediately or would you rather give a gift for the baby? Newborn babies sleep a lot and don't play yet. If you want to give a present for immediate use, think of baby care products from Minois or The Gift Label , such as delicious bubble bath or baby shampoo.

3. Who is the maternity gift for?

So you give a maternity gift for the parents, which is often our advice when it is not about a first baby in the family, because often everything is already present from the first maternity period.
If it is a maternity gift for a second or third child, we would like to recommend a baby toy such as a pulling figure, bath toys, a stacking tower or wooden blocks. The other children in the family can often immediately play with this gift and that is so much fun!

4. Is the gift for a boy, girl or boy / girl?

Our preference is to give a maternity gift that is as neutral as possible, because then the gift can easily be used again for the next child. But we also understand that it is very clear that a baby boy or girl is chosen.

After answering these four important questions, we are sure that you have found your unique and original gift. We are also happy to help you answer these questions or if you have not succeeded in making a choice.