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Moonie hug the humming bear + night lamp

Moonie hug the humming bear is the humming bear and night lamp that can shine 7 different lights. The moonie cuddly bear is very nice for children who have trouble sleeping, have nightmares or are afraid of the dark. You can also turn on the night lamp without sound and let it burn all night.
You can feed your baby with the lights in the Moonie bear and when your baby starts to cry, the lamp turns on with a real bear buzz, enlightening and soothing the baby.

The pink noises of the Moonie bear

The sounds of the Moonie bear are true recordings of natural pink noise. Maybe you also think pink noise, pink noise, what exactly is that, we'll explain that in a moment. The bear has 5 different pink noises, the soothing sounds, the Moonie bear filters, absorbs sounds from the environment and ensures that children sleep calmly and peacefully. The 5 pink noises, pink noise sounds: womb, wind, ocean, waves and rain.

The heartbeat sound is a real recording of the buzzing in a mother's tummy. It allows the child to calm down and feel safe, with already familiar sound.
The sea waves you hear are from the Baltic Sea and the sound of the mountain stream are recordings of the stream in the Tatra Mountains. The bear has other sounds, namely wind, rain and forest sounds that you can choose to promote a peaceful sleep in babies and children. The soothing sounds of the Moonie bear filter the noises from the environment and ensure that children sleep calmly and peacefully.

The Moonie bear comes with an adjustable volume module. so you can choose the right volume level to suit your child's needs. The Moonie bear also has soothing lullabies on a kalimba, a thumb piano specially composed for newborns.

Why pink noises and what are pink noises?

With pink noise, the acoustic power of high frequencies decreases, making high frequency sounds at a safe level for babies and almost inaudible to an adult. They therefore absorb ambient sounds so that your baby or child sleeps much better.
Babies still in their mother's womb are surrounded by low-frequency sounds. That's why the Moonie bear has used the pink noise to provide ultimate comfort.

Moonie cuddly humming bear and night lamp

The moonie bear night lamp can give 7 different colors of light with soft light, you can feed and change your baby without switching on the ceiling lamp. When the baby starts to cry, the lamp turns on with the buzz, it relieves and soothes the baby.
The LED night light is cold light, it does not heat up and is completely safe. The Moonie humming bear night lamp is also great for older children, who often have nightmares and are afraid of the dark. You can turn on the night lamp yourself without sound and let it burn all night.

Smart Cry Detector, the cry and move detector

Even before you wake up, Moonie the humming bear has already noticed that your child is restless by moving more and crying. As soon as this happens, the Smart Cry Detector on Moonie the bear activates a safe, natural, pink sound that soothes your child and ensures that it returns to a good night's sleep.

How does a Moonie bear work?

Watch the you tube video on how to set up the Moonie and how it works exactly. A user manual is included with the Moonie, also check the instructions on the box. If you still have questions, feel free to email us!

Can the Moonie bear night light also be turned off?

Yes the Moonie the bear goes into a 3 hour standby mode when your baby sleeps after 30.

How long does a Moonie stay on, can it burn all night?

Yes, a Moonie night lamp stays on all night for up to 8 hours with light and sound, charging takes 3 hours. The lamp is rechargeable with a USB cable. You can use the Moonie bear immediately after purchase, the bear is already charged for you and can be used right out of the box.

Moonie bear made in Poland

The moonie bear is sewn in the Moonie studio in Poland, so they ensure that each bear meets EU safety requirements. The bear is made of 100% organic cotton GOTS certified and filled with recycled material.

Is the Moonie bear really safe for babies?

Yes, the Moonie bear is 100% safe for your baby right from birth. All Moonie products have been tested at SGS Switzerland Test Laboratory and comply with Directive 2009/48/EC, certifying that they are suitable for newborns.

Moonie sensory cuddly toy bunny

A velvety soft Moonie rabbit cuddly toy with sensory granules in the body, perfect for squeezing, moving and cuddling. The cuddly toy is suitable for babies right from birth, the rabbit has long soft ears and is really lovely to cuddle and easy for your baby to hold.

Can you wash a Moonie bear?

Yes, a Moonie bear can be washed by hand at 30 degrees, then let the bear dry very well and flat. The fur of the bear is made of organic cotton with a 100% PES filling.