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De leukste houten muziekinstrumenten voor kinderen, de eerste kennismaking met muziek. Muziekinstrumenten maakt kinderen blij, een trommel, piano of een xylofoon: zie ze eens bewegen op de muziek. Muziek hoort er gewoon bij en het is ook nog eens goed voor hun ontwikkeling.



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Make music, dance, sing and enjoy!

We like to play before the music when it comes to our range of toy musical instruments wood, making music and playing on musical instruments makes children happy, see them move to the music. Music is just part of it!

Musical instrument child

The nicest wooden musical instruments for children, the first introduction to music. Musical instruments make children happy, a drum, piano or a xylophone: see them move to the music. Music is just part of it and it is also good for their development. Music contributes to social skills and has a positive effect on your child's intelligence.

Making music yourself has even more positive effects on your child. The emotional development is stimulated and creativity. Motor skills are practiced by playing an instrument.

Musical instruments 1 year

The little ones can make music with a wooden maracas, xylophone or a flute suitable from 1 year. There is also a special xylophone for the little ones or rather for the parents, the keys are connected with elastic, which gives the xylophone a nice sound. Hard enough to play with, soft enough for the environment, view all the music toys 1 year here.

Music toy 3 years

For toddlers from 3 years old there is a music set with a drum, castanets and maracas. A wooden guitar or banjo is for children from the age of 3, but make sure they can handle the strings well.
This also applies to the drum, a music drum is suitable for drumming. If your toddler wants to play the drums, choose a bucket where they can go wild.

Music boxes

The beautiful music boxes from DJECO also belong in this range not to play on but to listen to, you win them up until the music box offers resistance and when you open the box a doll starts to rotate and play music.

Kids Concept, DJECO, Plan Toys and VILAC have created a beautiful collection of musical instruments for children.