Payment Methods

For the processing of payments in our shop we work together with Mollie and Klarna (pay later), we offer the following payment methods. Entering data and payment takes place in our webshop via a secure SSL connection, recognizable by https at the top of your browser.


With iDEAL you can pay online in a trusted, safe and easy way. You pay via the mobile banking app or the internet banking environment of your own bank. iDEAL is a direct online transfer from your bank account directly to Mollie, we receive your payment immediately.

  • iDEAL offers a number of advantages over other online payment methods:
  • You don't have to register. You can use iDEAL if you bank with one of the participating banks .
  • It's safe, because you pay in the vicinity of your bank.
  • iDEAL is easy because all payment details are filled in for you and you know immediately whether the payment has been successful.
  • You keep control and overview of your balance. The iDEAL payment is immediately visible on your account statement.

KLARNA – pay later (NL-BE-DE-AT-FI)

KLARNA 'Afterpay' makes deferred payment possible, you pay within 30 days. 'Postpay' is available for customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Finland.

KLARNA offers advantages over other online payment methods:

  • You only pay when a possible return shipment has been processed by the webshop.
  • You pay without interest or extra costs up to and including 30 days later.

Klarna's terms and conditions:
NLTerms and conditions
BE Terms and conditions

Bancontact (BE)

Previously, Bancontact was also known as Mister Cash. Bancontact is the Belgian market leader in electronic payments. Payments via Bancontact are guaranteed to always be 3D-secure. The Bancontact app makes online payments even easier for you as a Belgian customer.

Belfius (BE)

Belfius is one of the largest Belgian banks. The bank provides its own payment solution for its customers. In this way, Belfius customers can make real-time payments in their trusted banking environment. The information such as beneficiary, amount and description are specified in advance, which eliminates the chance of failed transactions.

You first choose Belfius as payment method and then whether you want to sell via mobile (Belfius Mobile) or desktop (Belfius Direct Net). Belfius Mobile works via a QR code. You can pay quickly by scanning the QR code.
Do you opt for Belfius Direct Net? Then make sure you have your box (or reader, scanner) at hand to approve the payment.


With the KBC/CBC payment option, customers of the Belgian banks KBC and CBC can easily pay online. KBC focuses on the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium, while CBC is entirely French-speaking. In fact, both banks offer the same payment button, but with a different name. It is important to know that KBC customers cannot pay with the CBC payment button and vice versa.

Via the KBC/CBC payment button you can easily pay for online purchases via their trusted online banking environment. The payment is processed immediately.

Credit Card (INT)

You can pay with Master Card and Visa Card. All credit card payments are processed for us by Mollie, which handles the payment in a secure environment.

QR code

Copying the correct reference and account number is of course somewhat prone to error. There is therefore also an option to simply scan a QR code and pay in this way. If you have an account with ING or bunq and you have the app, you can easily make the transfer by scanning the QR code.

PSikloveyou gift card (INT)

You can redeem the PSikhouvanjou gift voucher in the checkout, place the order and choose the payment method PSikhouvanjou gift voucher in the checkout screen. If there is a residual amount left, you can pay it with one of the offered payment methods.

The gift vouchers are valid up to and including 2 years after issue of the voucher, the date of issue is stated on the gift voucher.