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Knuffels shop je online bij PSikhouvanjou, de zachtste en liefste knuffels, je beste vriend, een luisterende oor en tranenvanger bij verdriet, gaat mee uit logeren en reist de wereld over naar vakantiebestemmingen.
Kies jouw dierenknuffel: wilde dieren, zeedieren, dino's, veel honden knuffels, kikkers, beren en andere bijzondere dieren. De amuseable knuffels van Jellycats zijn limited edtion knuffels in de gekste thema's.



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Soft hugs for your child

Height soft toys, all children love them and they never have enough. No matter how big their plush collection is, only one or two are the real favorite. These cuddly toys go to sleepovers, travel the world to holiday destinations and are especially their best friend in bed, a listening ear and a tear catcher when they are sad.

The most beautiful hugs online at PSikhouvanjou

More than 250 cuddly toys online from Jellycat and DonebyDeer, online the softest cuddly toys for your child, a real best friend.

Jellycat hugs

Every season Jellycat makes unique cuddly toys and as you can read in various reviews, they are not cheap but absolutely worth it! Jellycat cuddly toys are slightly different, more beautiful, funnier, softer and very importantly super safe.
All materials that Jellycat uses are safe, even the filling of the cuddly toys. Take care of your cuddly toy with as much love as Jellycat made it with.

Want to send a hug as a gift?

We pack the cuddly toy for you free of charge and write a card with it. A cuddly toy is also always super nice as an original maternity gift for the newborn baby or for the older brother or sister. But also as a friend of comfort in difficult times, a hug is a welcome gift.

A spare hug

Does your child have a favorite cuddly toy and is your child inconsolable without it? Then buy a spare cuddly toy and also use them at the same time so that they can be washed together and there is no preference. A spare cuddly toy also saves you a lot of searching and stress when going to bed, on vacation and while staying the night.

Baby hug from what age?

We have put all baby cuddly toys in a separate collection for you, the description clearly states from which age the cuddly toy is suitable for your baby. For all other cuddly toys applies to all ages.