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The most beautiful children's backpacks online

For a good children's backpack you have to go to PSikhouvanjou, the best and nicest brands so that you can go to school with a nice backpack. Also check immediately if you still need a lunch box or drinking bottle, then you are ready for it.

Order your children's backpack and choose from 300 children's backpacks for primary school and large backpacks. PSikhouvanjou takes great care in choosing the different types and brands of children's backpacks, school cases and children's umbrellas in its range.
With us you will always find the latest collection online from only the best brands: cool boys' backpacks from Skooter , teddy Petit Monkey backpacks and recycled RPET material and of course the Van Pauline backpacks with animal ears and awesome prints!

Children's backpacks small

You can shop small children's backpacks for toddlers and preschoolers to take to daycare or kindergarten in the small children's backpacks category, suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years. For young children, look carefully at the size of the backpack,

Children's backpacks primary school

Children's backpacks for primary school, you can shop larger backpacks for children who go to primary school in the primary school backpacks category. These backpacks are suitable for a lot of school supplies such as A4 folders suitable for children of the higher groups in primary school.
We have an extensive range of children's backpacks for boys and girls from 8 to 12 years old in various colors and prints

School pencil case

Are you looking for a cool school pencil case? For taking to school, secondary school or to use at home for all your drawing and craft supplies, we have selected the nicest school pencil cases for you. Cool shoulder bags, classic school bags or weekend bags shop in the latter category, you will also find bicycle baskets and beach bags here .