B.box bento lunch boxes, snack boxes and drinking bottles

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B.box bento lunch box for kids

B.box bento lunch boxes, the drum that really fits everything. The bento lunch boxes in small and large, the handy leak-proof snack boxes and the transparent drinking bottles. New school year can start with B.box lunch items.

B.box Bento lunch boxes

The bento lunch boxes have fixed and flexible compartments, close very well and also have leak-proof compartments for fruit or other moist food. Large drums for school that really fit everything and everything has been thought of? Do you want to bring an apple or orange to school, no problem! In the flexible compartment, the silicone lid easily adjusts the size of the compartment.

B.Box bento mini

Do you think the B.box bento lunch box is too big? Then the B.Box mini is a good alternative big enough for many children and with all the comforts of its bigger brother.

B.Box snack boxes

The B.box snack box has two compartments and a flexible silicone lid that creates extra space for fruit or other food and makes the compartments leak-proof, making it ideal for moist food. As far as we are concerned, the snack box is the best companion for on the road and to school.

Transparent drinking bottles

B.box drinking bottle with drinking spout and straw, anti-leak, easy to open and close and thanks to its shape, it can be held well by children. The drinking bottle is strong and has a handy handle and a click cap so that the lid pops open and closes again easily and properly.