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VanPauline beach set, doll buggy and baby toys

You probably know the VanPauline beach sets and the VanPauline buggies in the well-known cool animal prints and stripes. VanPauline has expanded her collection with great bath letters, soft baby toys and soft balls

VanPauline doll buggy

The stylish VanPauline buggy is a real must-have for every child. A buugy with a white frame, white wheels and upholstery in different animal prints and stripes. This doll buggy can be placed in the living room. No space? The buggy is easy to fold. The doll buggy is suitable for dolls up to 40 cm.

VanPauline bath letters - bath toys

VanPauline bath letters are of course the best in the bathroom when the letters and the wall are wet, the letters will stick to the wall. The letters float in the water. Teach your little one the alphabet or even the first words. Take the ABC letters with you on holiday, you will have a lot of fun in the water.

VanPauline baby toys

VanPauline baby toys are lightweight and soft, very suitable for the little ones for babies and toddlers from 18 months. The foam baby blocks are soft toys for babies and toddlers to stack and build. New are the foam stacking tower and a foam puzzle, both in cool colours. The baby toy is very friendly and soft but sturdy enough to play and stack with.

VanPauline umbrellas with handles

With VanPauline umbrellas, the rain is a party! The children's umbrella has animal ears super fun for children. The umbrellas are a perfect size to take me while stepping in the puddles.
A children's umbrella is not only nice to receive but also to give as a birthday present for a children's birthday.

Sturdy VanPauline backpacks

The backpacks are made of neoprene, a sturdy foam and water-repellent material, which is ideal for a children's backpack. The VanPauline backpacks have ears just like the crazy umbrellas, backpack bunny with long rabbit ears and the bear with round ears, this backpack has a compartment in the front.
The backpacks are easy to open and close and the shoulder strap is soft but sturdy, a very nice backpack for primary school in many different prints.

About VanPauline

Pauline Bogaards started in 2014 VanPauline in 2014 in the eternal search for nice items for my hair children David 2014 and Liva 2017 Pauline decides to take matters into her own hands and decides to make her own products.
What started as a small web store to provide cool items to some nice mothers, is growing into its own label. VanPauline is a translation of her creativity and Pauline hopes to bring more VanPauline to the market in the future. n