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Children's room poster and unique wall decoration

A poster, unique wall decoration or a wall sticker makes every nursery special. If the nursery is ready, but you still lack color and atmosphere, add a poster or wall decoration. Choose from many prints with animals, an alphabet letter poster or a beautiful animal head for the wall.

A poster for the nursery is the nursery accessory par excellence. Your favorite poster is a good starting point for the decoration of the children's room. Use the poster as a guideline when choosing a color or wallpaper for the wall. Or use a contrasting color to make the poster stand out nicely. Add a few beautiful children's room accessories and you're done. If you are tired of the poster, you can easily replace it with another copy, so you have a 'new' wall in no time.

Poster 50x70 children's room

With our large collection of children's posters you will surely find a suitable poster for your child. There are many posters with animals of wild animals, jungle animals, tropical birds, but also a dinosaur poster , or with insects and butterflies. Cool posters for a boy's or girl's room.

Poster 30x40 baby room

Smaller posters to combine with each other or simply because you have less space in the nursery. The smaller posters are often chosen for the nursery.

Small posters and cards for children

A5 format posters, sweet pictures for the nursery and a large collection of cheerful cards for all kinds of occasions.

Wall decoration children's room

More and more often, a unique wall decoration is chosen instead of a poster for the room. A tapestry with animals from OYOY or a large tapestry with rain. The balloons from ByOn for on the wall, a beautiful embroidery ring or a tapestry lion with a real animal head.
Also new are the beautiful illustrative wall stickers from the Polish brand Dekornik, real pearls for every wall in the nursery.

Wall stickers

For a greatest effect in the baby and children's room , get started with a wall sticker. An animal wall sticker is also number one here, of course, with jungle animals, birds and sea creatures, but also with beautiful swans, flowers and rainbow wall stickers.

The best-known brands for a children's room poster or wall decorations for the baby and children's room are: Petit Monkey, Dieter Braun, Studio Loco, OYOY mini, Love Me Decoration and Dekornik.