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The most beautiful pearls for the baby or children's room

With a unique wall decoration for the nursery or children's room you add your own atmosphere, a real eye-catcher that attracts attention.

Wall decorations for the baby room

The ceramic balloons from ByOn are a real must-have for the nursery, combine the different sizes or the different colored balloons. The embroideries from Aro for Kids are also very suitable for the nursery, especially the smaller sizes, you probably have a nice place for them. The felt flowers and birds from KidsDepot are refined accessories for on the wall, by a bed or above the dresser.
The stork from Love me Decoration is a fabric bird that you can hang up but also put on a cupboard, for example.

Wall decorations for the children's room

The fabric animal heads from Love Me Decoration need a little more space and in our view are therefore more suitable for a children's room. You can put the animal heads down or hang them on a wall. The wicker wall decorations from KidsDepot are also completely up to date, you can of course also use the wicker basket as storage.

The large tapestries from StudioLoco are wonderful for a children's room, in beautiful colors with recognizable elements such as birds, a rainbow and a leopard.

You have come to the right place at PSikhouvanjou if you are looking for a special wall decoration for the baby or children's room.