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Kindermeubels, houten en rotan kindermeubels voor de kinderkamer: een houten kinderstoel, kindertafel, of boekenkast voor kinderen. Een grote houten kast met lades om speelgoed en boeken op te ruimen of een kast in de vorm van een giraffe hoe tof is dat? 
Een kinderbureau of een een handige speeltafel met bijpassende stoelen ideaal voor in de speelhoek. Rotan en bamboe kindermeubels zijn de trend van nu, fijn in een naturel of bohemian kamer. 



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Children's furniture wood and rattan

Children's furniture that gives the children's room a unique look. You will find that kind of children's furniture at PSikhouvanjou. Wooden high chairs, tables and a beautiful bookcase with which you give the most beautiful books a prominent place. We are looking for your affordable nice wooden and rattan children's furniture

Wooden high chair

A sturdy wooden high chair , your child will enjoy it for years to come. The animal high chairs from TenderLeaf Toys are really solid wooden chairs that can be combined well with the tables. The vintage school chair from Childhome is a combination of steel with a wooden seat, which also comes with a matching round table.

Wooden children's table

All children's chairs come with matching wooden children 's tables, often with extra storage compartments sunk into the table top. Round children's tables, square and larger tables where you can play with several children at the same time.

Wooden children's desk + chair

The Plan Toys set is made of rubber wood , a children's desk for the nursery or for a nice place in the living room. A wooden desk for tinkering and compartments to store your things. You can draw with chalk on the tabletop.

Rattan children's furniture

Are the trend of 2020 for the boho baby and children's rooms this trend has come over from Australia, rattan and bamboo were trending in the baby and children's room for much longer.
The Australian Poppie Toys makes beautiful rattan children 's furniture chairs such as the rattan high chair bow and bunny, OYOY mini has a children's furniture line with a table, chair and a bench. And Childhome's great rattan wall rack is perfect when you want to add rattan as an accent.

Childhome has a beautiful bamboo clothes rack that you can combine with wooden hangers or the bamboo baby hangers from Bonet and Bonet, which are also suitable for children's clothing.

Children's cabinets

There we are full of special children's cabinets for your most beautiful toys and books, such as the great wooden children's cabinet from Bloomingville with the animal storage bins, Tender Leaf Toys has made a wooden bookcase especially for children in which you can store the most beautiful picture books, a real asset to the nursery.
Whether Bloomingville cabinet in the shape of a giraffe is made of braided bankuan grass, this cabinet has a tough and natural look.

PSikhouvanjou pays great attention to the range of children 's furniture with a preference for wooden children 's furniture, rattan, wicker and bamboo .