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Tender Leaf Toys sustainable wooden toys

Tender Leaf Toys wooden toys with respect for this earth. Tender Leaf Toys produces according to the principle - made from rennewable resource, which means that for every tree they use they place a new tree. Tender Leaf Toys fits perfectly in the conscious buying toy category with respect for our planet.

Tender Leaf Toys wooden toys

Tender Leaf Toys wooden toys are traditional and durable toys with a contemporary design, all Tender Leaf Toys toys are made with a clear focus on craftsmanship and quality. They work with durable rubber wood and high-quality plywood and the colors are applied with non-toxic water-based paint.
Tender Leaf Toys make the perfect gift and look stylish in the modern playroom or nursery.

Where are Tender Leaf Toys toys made?

The wooden toys are made in Indonesia at a supplier who has been making wooden toys for over 30 years. They use local rubber wood, a by-product of the rubber industry. Rubberwood is an economically and environmentally friendly wood and the Indonesian government is committed to replanting the Rubberwood plantations as part of their growing economy. For every tree felled, another is planted in its place, ensuring a continuous supply.

Tender Leaf Toys high chair and table

A beauty of a wooden high chair in four different forest animals, not only to sit on but also as an eye catcher for the baby and children's room. The wooden chairs come with two matching children's tables, one square and one rectangular, both with a handy storage compartment under the table top.

Tender Leaf Toys SALE

Shop Tender Leaf Toys SALE online so we keep our collection up to date and we can purchase the orderers and new collection for you. The SALE items will no longer be included in our collection.