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Een tuitbeker is ideaal om je kleintje zelfstandig te leren drinken voordat ze uit een normale beker gaan drinken. Met een tuitbeker heeft je kindje alsnog de drinktuit om uit te drinken maar al wel het gevoel van een echte beker. De tuitbekers die wij verkopen hebben geen antilek systeem in de deksel.
Bij PSikhouvanjou hebben we diverse tuitbekers van verschillende mooie merken en mooie kleurtjes en printjes.



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Independent eating and drinking with a spout cup and snack cup

The nicest spout cups and snack cups so that your little one can learn to eat, snack and drink independently. Transparent spout cup, made of melamine or silicone from Done By Deer, LIEWOOD or Mushie.

Spout cup baby

A spout cup is ideal for teaching your little one to drink independently, without it becoming a mess. Spout cups have handles that make the transition from bottle to cup easier for your little one.
Spout cups are suitable for little ones from approx. 6 months and do not have an anti-spill system.

Snack cup or snack cups baby

A snack cup or cup is ideal for eating your fruit and snacks without spilling. Snack cups usually have 1 or 2 handles, just like spout cups. A snack cup has a flexible opening at the top, so that fruit, sweets or other snacks remain in the cup if it falls over.

Sippy cups for children

Sippy cups are flexible children's drinking cups with a straw, you can also use the drinking cups without a lid and straw later. A sippy cup is very handy for on the go and for children who are not yet able to drink independently from a cup and a very sustainable solution for drinking packages.

Food jars for hot baby food

A thermos storage jar to keep your baby food warm, from warm snacks, porridges to drinks and hot food. You fill the double-walled thermos with food or drinks from -20 to 100 degrees.
The food jar has a wide opening so that you can scoop directly from the jar with the included 11 cm spoon.