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Dappermaentje teddy pacifier cloth in all colors

The Dappermaentje teddy pacifier cloths in the shape of a moon are handmade from lovely teddy, how nice is this as a baby shower gift! You can use the pacifier cloth for your baby's pacifier, they look great with the BIBS and FRIGG pacifiers.

Teddy pacifier cloth, your pacifier always close by

Dappermaentje teddy pacifier cloth is very soft and a nice cuddly toy to fall asleep with, so the pacifier always stays close to your child! The teddy pacifier cloth also combines very well with the Studio Noos , teddy beige and coffee are the same colors and the Dappermaentje limited edition pacifier cloth leopard also has a matching diaper bag. For a matching teat you can choose from a BIBS or a FRIGG teat.

Dappermaentje handmade and super soft

The sweet pacifier cloths from Dappermaentje are handmade by Annelijn and all in the shape of a moon, the moon phase can therefore differ slightly from the photo, the colors and weaving of loops also differ per delivery.

The best-selling pacifier cloth teddy beige

We would like to share with you the most sold pacifier cloth and that is really the Dappermaentje teddy beige because it is often given as a maternity gift for both boys and girls. One of the reasons is that the pacifier cloths fit through the letterbox!
The second color is Dappermaentje pacifier cloth teddy coffee the deep taupe color and third place is teddys stone the gray melange pacifier cloth moon.

Dappermaentje limited

So temporarily available, while supplies last, Dappermaentje limited is available in a teddy leopard print in leopard light and leopard dark and teddy rose is also a limited edition available at a selected number of baby stores.

Washing advice for the pacifier cloths moon

You can wash your Dappermaentje on a wool wash or delicate wash program and then let it dry, so not in the dryer. The teddy fabric will look and feel different upon purchase than after washing, teddy will always felt a bit, which is part of the quality.

From what age can the pacifier cloth be used?

Until your baby is one year old, cuddly toys in bed are not recommended, so do not put them in the cot and remove the pacifier cloth as soon as your baby has fallen asleep. When your baby is a little older.

The birth of Dappermaentje in 2015

When Annelijn became the mother of her eldest daughter Maen, she was very impressed by her maternity period, an XL birthday party with too many gifts, including several pacifier cloths. Annelijn did not know this at all, but when she attached a cloth to the pacifier, she noticed that she had been busy with this cloth all day and thought I'd make a pacifier moon for my own Maen. Annelijn received so many nice reactions she decided to sell them.

Where does the name Dappermaentje come from?

Dappermaentje is a combination of the names children of Annelijn. Maen is the eldest daughter and her name is written in an old Dutch way, her brother is called Dapper and a brave funny little man. Annelijn has a very inspiring instagram account where you can follow Annelijn and her children on a daily basis.