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Always have your pacifier close by with a pacifier cloth or pacifier cord

No more searching for your pacifier with a pacifier cord or pacifier cloth, one of your baby stays nice and close.

Pacifier cloth

We sell the most beautiful pacifier cloths from HVID made of merino wool, cuddle cloths from Jollein with an elephant or penguin and of course the famous Dappermaentje pacifier cloths moon teddy in all colors.
A pacifier cloth is a bit easier to find than a loose pacifier. Pacifier cloths are larger and often have a loop with which you attach the pacifier, the cloth you use your baby as a cuddle cloth when sleeping.

Pacifier clip

Never search for your pacifier again with a pacifier clip, click the cord with a clip to your baby's clothes and on the other side you tie your child's pacifier or favorite teething ring and it stays nice and close.
A pacifier clip is very practical but can also look nice! The eye wants something too. Natural materials such as wood, cotton, wool and leather are particularly popular.

Crochet pacifier clip or leather

Do you prefer a vintage / bohemian look? Then Konges Slojd's crochet pacifier cords are really great! A leather pacifier clip from Moons has a somewhat tougher look with beautiful animal prints.

Wooden pacifier clip with silicone beads

Mushie has made beautiful wooden pacifier clips with silicone and wooden beads that are the perfect match for a pacifier. Mushie uses only 100% food safe silicone for the beads, non-toxic, odorless, BPA and lead free. The wooden beads are natural and the wooden clip is lead-free and the cord for the pacifier is mold resistant.

Pacifier cord or pacifier cloth while sleeping?

You use a pacifier clip when your baby is awake and it is not suitable for in bed and during naps. Pacifier clips are safe, but make sure that there is always parental supervision.

If your child is sleeping, it is better to use a pacifier cloth or cuddle cloth that you give loose in bed. You tie the pacifier to the loop on a pacifier cloth and the cloth can cuddle your baby with it, babies often also love it when the cloth is on their head or over their eyes, that sleeps wonderfully!