Children's room poster 50 x 70 cm

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Children's room poster 50 x 70 cm

Are you looking for a nice poster for the nursery? If you still lack atmosphere or if you want to add some extra color to the room, a children's poster is a good choice. A 50 x 70 cm poster for the nursery is the nursery accessory par excellence and the best-selling format poster for the nursery.

Order children's poster online?

Choose from the wide range of posters for children, we pay a lot of attention to our range of posters for the children's room. Your poster will be shipped in a sturdy tube. feel free to keep these if you want to change the atmosphere, look or illustrator.

A children's poster as a basis for the nursery

Your favorite poster is a good starting point for the design of the nursery. Use the poster as a guideline when finding a color or wallpaper for the wall, or choose a contrasting color to make the poster stand out nicely. You can also do it the other way around, you are looking for a color poster that matches your chosen color for the room.

Change the children's poster, easy peasy!

If you're tired of the poster, you can easily replace it with another one. Change the poster in a season and you have a 'new' wall and children's room in no time, add some new colored accessories and you have created a new atmosphere in no time.

How do you choose the right 50x70 children's poster for the nursery?

Do you want a striking poster or do you like the right thing that mixes the poster in the nursery. Are you going for striking? Then choose a contrasting color poster with the wall where you want to hang the poster. Make sure that the colors in the poster are reflected somewhere in the nursery, in the bedding, pillows or nursery accessories.

It may also be the other way around that your chosen poster is the starting point for the room, then use the colors in the poster as a guideline when finding a color or wallpaper for the wall.

An animal poster for the nursery

We love animal posters in the nursery and that can be seen in the wide range. We also like to see an animal poster in the nursery, an illustrator who can draw beautiful animals is Dieter Braun . Many cool animals from Dieter have already been released as posters, such as the lion , the cheetah , the swimming tiger and the whale . The Dino poster with 25 dinosaurs is one of his bestsellers.

Animals are also a favorite subject of the Petit Monkey posters in the children's room: the jungle poster tiger and anteather & sloth are not only seen in Dutch children's rooms, but also far beyond and often together
The latest poster rain forest birds, with tropical birds from the rainforest and coral reef with turtles, squids and fish show us how important and precious nature is. Insects and animals around your house are the latest theme for the nursery poster Best Buggies with all kinds of small flying animals such as a fly, moth and other insects. Poster Find your Wings is a beautiful butterfly poster a must-have for a girl's room.

Alphabet letter poster 50x70

Playfully learn the letters of the alphabet, super fun when your child goes to school. Pay attention when ordering, there are Dutch alphabet posters and English ones. A letter poster does not always have to be educational, they must mainly be decorative for the nursery.

Are you looking for a special poster or do you know a great brand?

Do you know a great brand with fun children's posters? Mail us we are happy to add new must-haves.