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A wide range of beautiful hydrophilic cloths that you can use to care for your baby. With us you will always find the latest collection online from the most beautiful brands such as Done by Deer, Jollein, Konges Slojd, Garbo and Friends and LIEWOOD.

Hydrophilic cloths are the must-have for every baby

Muslin cloths are indispensable in every layette, as an expectant mother you really cannot do without. Hydrophilic cloths are multifunctional. absorb a lot of moisture, they are thin and soft cloths made of 100% cotton and dry quickly. They are also very nice for your baby's delicate skin.
Hydrophilic cloths are really very handy not only when your baby is small, you also keep using them a lot when they get bigger. They are wonderfully soft, absorbent, airy and slightly stretchy.

PSikhouvanjou takes great care in its range of hydrophilic cloths, the beautiful prints, affordable XL cloths and washcloths.

Hydrophilic cloths XL

Hydrophilic cloths are available in all kinds of colours, with prints and designs and in different sizes from 60x60 to 100x100 and muslin cloths XL cloths.

Hydrophilic cloths what can you use?

You can use a hydrophilic cloth in so many ways that makes it nice! You can use them as a towel, swaddling cloth, wrap cloth, cuddle cloth, play cloth, burp cloth or as a blanket. In short, ideal to always have with you!

  • A hydrophilic cloth as a towel
  • A hydrophilic cloth as a burp cloth
  • A hydrophilic cloth as a face brush or bib
  • A hydrophilic cloth as a swaddling cloth

With the thin hydrophilic cloth you can easily get between the skin folds, fingers and toes, making it ideal as a towel when your baby takes a bath.

During feeding, you use the hydrophilic cloth as a burp cloth, which you place over your shoulder and prevent stains in your clothing. In the stroller, cradle or crib you use the muslin cloth to protect the sheet. You can quickly replace the muslin cloth, so when your baby spits up, you don't have to change the entire bed.

When your baby is a bit older, you can use it as a durable face brush or bib , or tie a cloth around your head to protect against the sun.

We have mainly used the hydrophilic cloths for swaddling our eldest son, the cloths are soft and flexible enough for your baby to move but provide enough security to fall asleep faster and much more peacefully.
The cloths are airy and soft and they can eventually still free their arms when they sleep really well. Babies, once swaddled, sleep better and longer and wake up much happier and we all want that as a parent, it also makes them cozier.