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Koop online opbergmanden, kratjes en opbergkisten want een opgeruimde kamer daar houden we allemaal van en dat kan alleen met de juiste opbergers en die hebben wij voor jou. Opbergmanden met en zonder deksel, handige stapelbare opbergkratten die je ook gemakkelijk onder het bed schuift of een opbergkist voor het grotere opbergwerk.Leuke kinder koffertjes om kleine spulltjes op te bergen en ook heel leulk om te gebruiken als kraammand.



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A beautiful nursery is a tidy room

Storage baskets and storage boxes to tidy up all the toys, books and cuddly toys, we are happy to help you with that. Not with tidying up, but with a wide range of storage baskets, storage crates and boxes so that there is always a nicely tidy children's room and enough space to play.

Storage baskets made of rattan or wicker

With or without a lid, most are especially an eye-catcher for the room in the shape of an apple, pear or with a panda on it. There are also small decorative baskets that you hang on a coat hook or a coat rack that you use to display your most beautiful items and have no real storage function.

Toy storage baskets

The Noboddinoz fabric storage baskets are ideal for tidying up toys, you can close them with a cord. Fabelab also has similar baskets.

AYKASA storage crates or storage boxes

The AYKASA storage crates are ideal for stacking and collapsible, so when you don't need them you can easily store them. AYKASA storage crates make tidying up easier, more fun and colorful. These colored storage crates are made of recycled PP material, so a very conscious choice in style.

New this fall are the rattan storage boxes from Bloomingville, which are super handy on wheels and a beautiful storage box for a natural look children's room.

Children's suitcases

Cardboard boxes for children to tidy up or take small things with them. Nesting suitcases half moon or in a regular suitcase shape. They also like to be given as a maternity basket, super fun to fill for the expectant mother.

Storage bins for your desk

It's wonderful to have a tidy desk so that you can draw or learn and for that you need good storage containers such as the boxes from PENCO and the latest pen trays from LIEWOOD, which keep your pencils or markers organized together.