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BLAFRE stainless steel drinking bottles, lunch boxes and snack boxes

BLAFRE stainless steel drinking bottles in 300, 500 and 700 ml in all colors with compatible caps, straws and colored lunch and snack boxes in different sizes. BLAFRE became known with the lunch boxes in the shape of an owl and later the elephant and tractor. The Norwegian brand BLAFRE has occupied a prominent place in our back to school range for years.

BLAFRE drinking bottle 300ml and 500ml

The BLAFRE stainless steel drinking bottles are made of stainless steel, the leak-proof drinking bottles are ideal as a school cup, your child can easily unscrew the cap.
For small children there is a stainless steel drinking bottle 300 ml, for the thirsty among us there are large BLAFRE drinking bottles of 500 ml and 750 ml. The drinking bottles are single-walled and are not thermos flasks. Stainless steel is a durable material and resistant to bacteria.

The PP BLAFRE caps have silicone rings so that the bottles are anti-leak, the caps are compatible just like the cap with spout, made of PP and BPA and phthalates free.

BLAFRE cap with spout

The BLAFRE drinking bottles have the standard cap which can be replaced by, for example, the cap with spout, which can also be expanded with a straw if desired. All standard caps are interchangeable between different bottles. The caps are anti-leak, making the drinking bottles leak-proof.

Assortment of lunch boxes and snack boxes

The large BLAFRE lunch boxes have 3 compartments, very handy when your child wants to take bread and other goodies to school. The 3-compartment lunch boxes are suitable for larger eaters. The lid is slightly flexible and easy to open and close.
The lunch box size S is a one-compartment drum suitable for 2 sandwiches. The lid is slightly flexible and easy to open and close.

The owl, tractor and elephant lunch boxes have 2 compartments, which are suitable for younger children. Practice together how to open the drum.
The animal snack boxes fox and badger are like the lunch boxes made of hard plastic, suitable for snacks, fruit and other goodies that can be taken to school more often.

History of BLAFRE

BLAFRE is a family business founded in 2005, BLAFRE designs drinking bottles, lunch boxes and snack boxes. they work from a beautiful garden town of Ekeberg in Oslo and the coast of Helgeland in Norway.

Sustainable products from BLAFRE

BLAFRE wants to make sustainable lunch products that last a long time. It is perhaps one of the most important things they do as a brand, they hope that the products are never thrown away but can be inherited and fulfilled for generations.
All BLAFRE lunch products are designed by a small team, either in Oslo or in Seløya. Many products are produced in their immediate vicinity around Oslo. For example, BLAFRE lunch boxes are already made "down the street" and they are proud of that.

Safe plastic for the BLAFRE lunch boxes

BLAFRE is a member of the Norwegian Packaging Convention, they receive advice and assistance from those who know best. They help BLAFRE navigate complex regulations and also monitor the quality of their factories.
Most of the BLAFRE lunch boxes and snack boxes have the "EK quality mark"; This means that all documentation is thoroughly reviewed and approved by them.