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Studio loco poster nursery and wall stickers

Studio loco makes unique children's posters, poster peace bird, rainbow and other Studio Loco children's room posters with illustrations and quotes can be perfectly combined with each other and are suitable for boys and girls' rooms. Studioloco's style is funny and cheerful and will certainly be appreciated by children.

Studio loco posters children's room

The Studio loco posters are printed on a 170 grams ecological paper type that gives the posters a unique look. The colors are therefore a bit more matte, the Studio loco posters are also very cool to combine with each other.

Studio loco poster bird is the best-selling poster with a beautiful dove of peace, the poster is widely used in baby and children's rooms. Two new posters have been added, the beautiful Sunset poster and Leo poster with a leopard.
The latest collection of posters for 2023 is really cool with a labrapoodle, a cool panda and the animal collection poster where all animals can be seen.

Wall decal rainbow

Studio loco wall sticker rainbow is one of Nathalie's well-known articles, the rainbow that looks like a watercolor on the wall is transparent, dreamy and unique for the baby and children's room. The wall sticker is available in 2 sizes 100 cm and 180 cm wide.

Studio loco backpack and children's suitcase

Tough Studio Loco backpacks made of 100% cotton with a water-repellent finish, the children's backpack is suitable for children aged 3-7 and perfect for primary school with matching pencil cases.
The children's suitcases are ideal companions to take with you on a stay or, even better, on holiday. The cases are made of rPET and may be wiped with a wet cloth.

The name Studio loco

Refers to the names of Nathalie's daughters, Louise and Coco form the basis of Studio Loco.