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The drinking bottle for your child: anti-leak, free of BPA with straw or stainless steel

Are you looking for a drinking bottle for your child? Choose from the wide range of drinking bottles with more than 150 bottles for toddlers and children. Each drinking bottle has its own unique properties.

Anti-spill children's drinking bottle

Are your drinking bottles leak-proof? Yes, all children's drinking bottles that we sell online do not leak, so no wet backpacks or school supplies. Always check whether the silicone anti-leak ring is still in the cap and also make sure that the spout or cap is closed properly, only then will the bottle be anti-leak.

Drinking bottle with drinking spout

A drinking spout is, as it says, a spout to drink from, most drinking bottles also have a straw in the bottle, but not all, read the description per bottle carefully.
You can buy a separate cap with spout for the BLAFRE stainless steel bottles, there is no straw with this, you order it separately. LIEWOOD also has separate caps with a drinking spout and straw.
Note drinking spouts are intended for drinking and not suitable for biting into, not all spouts can be replaced, so pay close attention when using and avoid disappointments

Transparent drinking bottles and BPA

The transparent drinking bottles of Petit Monkey, Done by Deer, Crocodile Creek and Sugar Booger, among others, are made of tritan or PP, both are free of BPA.

Stainless steel drinking bottles and thermos bottles

A durable drinking bottle for children, stainless steel bottles are single-walled, which have no cooling or warming function, and double-walled drinking bottles, which keep drinks hot or cold for a long time. These bottles therefore have a thermos function and you will find this in the description. Our thermos flasks are not suitable for the dishwasher.

Which drinking bottle is suitable for my child?

Determine which properties are important to you, easy opening and closing? Drink independently? Or do you prefer that the drinks stay cool?
Read the product description carefully for some drinking bottles we indicate a minimum age.

Maintenance of the children's drinking bottle

All bottles are made for children, but these can also break, get a dent when it falls, a spout that breaks off when the bottle falls or a print that fades because the bottle is in the bag.