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Toys for your baby and child

Toys online, wooden toys, lots of puzzles, toy musical instruments, the softest cuddly toys and bath toys, We have divided our special toy range into 3 groups so that you can easily buy what you are looking for, a unique toys for your child.

Unique toys for your child

PSikhouvanjou the online toy store for beautiful quality toys from the best brands. Our preference for wooden toys and puzzles is noticeable, we have built up a wide range over the years.
You will not find the largest toy range, but you will find the best, newest and nicest range.
Our range is clearly sorted by age so that you can enjoy shopping. We choose our toy range really carefully and choose brands with attention to sustainability and respect for our earth.

Buy the best toys for your child online and use the personal gift service according to your wishes. We are the old-fashioned toy store online and we are proud of the beautiful toy brands that we can sell: DJECO, JANOD , VILAC , Mudpuppy, Crocodile Creek , Kids Concept.

Toys + Puzzles

In this category you buy the most beautiful and best toy brands. We are proud of the large collection of wooden toys , and we have a passion for puzzles, so a lot kids puzzles and family puzzles.
And toys, of course games playing, playing games is fun and educational and you can't start early enough, playing games is for young and old,

And wooden toy musical instruments because making music and playing on musical instruments makes children happy, see them move to the music. Music is just part of it!

Looking for a new hug, a friend through thick and thin? We have the nicest cuddles , these go out to stay, travel the world to holiday destinations and are especially their best friend in bed, a listening ear and tear catcher in times of sadness.

And the best toys for even more fun in the bath, bath toys something that floats that you can puzzle or cast with. Do you prefer to play outside? In the garden, sandpit or on the beach, look at outdoor toys that let your child move. explore and explore what helps them build self-confidence.

Crafts + Colors

All craft supplies and creative toys have been given their own place, you will find everything here to make the most beautiful drawings and works of art, from drawing supplies to complete craft kits

Children's books

At Children's Books you will always find the latest beautiful picture books, sound books and educational books.

The best toy brands online

We love toys, especially when they are special and unique. We want you to be very happy with what you buy and that you enjoy the product for a long time.
That's why we choose the most beautiful toys and the best puzzles every season, we don't just buy everything from a brand, it has to be really worthwhile. We select the best toy items for you per brand, new items are added every season and we say goodbye to the old ones, so the range always remains dynamic.

Which toys are suitable for which age?

Because we have a lot of children together and we really know which toys are suitable for which age, we have made age groups, you do not have to follow our suggestions, but take advantage of them.

Do you have questions, do you want personal advice? Feel free to call us on 0572-700 203 .