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Kindertattoo's in de leukste thema's voor jongens en meiden. Dino tattoo's of met wilde dieren en meiden tattoo's met glitter of metallic en glow in the dark tattoo's. Super leuk om tijdens een kinderfeestje op te plakken of als cadeautje te geven. We leggen je uit hoe je een tattoo het beste kan plakken en hoe je een tattoo makkelijk kan verwijderen. All onze tattoos zijn dermatologisch getest en veilig voor de kinderhuid.



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Temporary kids tattoos

Children's tattoos from DJECO and Petit Monkey, temporary children's tattoos in the nicest themes dino tattoos, tattoos with glitter or metallic and glow in the dark tattoos. Super fun to stick on during a children's party or to give as a gift. We explain how best to stick a tattoo and also how to remove a tattoo easily

How do you stick a children's tattoo?

Cut out the children's tattoos, remove the foil layer from the tattoo and place the tattoo with the sticky side on the skin. press with a damp dishcloth on the paper side of the tattoo, when your paper has absorbed enough moisture, the tattoo will let go, are you in doubt? Then wet the cloth a bit.
Make sure you place the tattoo on clean, flat skin, so not on the moving parts that will keep the tattoo looking good for the longest time.

How do you remove a temporary child tattoo?

It is best to remove an old tattoo with a little bit of baby oil, which works even better and more effectively, is to stick wide adhesive tape over the tattoo and then carefully pull the tape off.

Kids tattoos in summer

The tattoos work like a sticker, plaster on the skin and shield the sun, if you come into the sun a lot, remove the temporary tattoos so that they do not leave white spots on the skin.