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Het leukste badspeelgoed omdat relaxen en spelen met in water super fijn is. Badspeeltjes gemaakt van materialen die goed tegen water kunnen, blijven drijven, van kleur veranderen wanneer ze met water in aanraking komen en lekker snel drogen. Kies jouw favoriete badspeelgoed: neopreen badspeeltjes en sponzen, eva foam badpuzzels, magic badboekjes en natuurlijk bademmers en stapeltorens. Veilig om me te spelen en om in je mond je te doen.  



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The best bath toys for more fun in the bath

Endless bathing, playing and relaxing How nice is it to take a bath and play? Bath toys that float nicely in the bath, such as animals, boats and fish and that dry quickly, are very hygienic. What is your favorite bath toy?

The best bath toys for your baby and toddler because relaxing and playing with water is nice. That is why PSikhouvanjou has made bath toys that are really suitable for the bath from materials that can withstand water.
The finest baby bath toys for the little ones such as boats, fish, bath cups. Bath toys for 1 and 2 years , such as bath puzzles, magic bath books and bath letters, and bath toys and bath games for 3 to 4 years .

Fabric bath toys

Lilliputiens fabric bath toys are made of neoprene, this is a foam fabric that absorbs little and dries quickly and is therefore very suitable for playing in the water. Let the toys dry thoroughly after bathing. The bath sponges from JANOD are affordable toys for the bath, squeeze them well after use.

Foam bath puzzles 1 year

JANOD and Petit Monkey bath puzzles are made of foam just like bath letters from Van Pauline, foam bath puzzles stick to the bath wall and float on the water. How much fun is it for your toddler to make a nice puzzle in the bath?
Let the foam puzzles dry well after use, they do not absorb water, but drops will remain on them.

Magic bath books 1-2 years

These bath books react when they come into contact with water, the images take on color. The booklets are made of Eva, this material is BPA and phthalates free, you can dry the booklet in the air.

Toddler bath toys, bath cups and buckets

Who doesn't have them next to the bath, the well-known Mushie stacking tower or other bath cups ideal to finally play with and also nice to get used to the water while washing your hair, you can easily turn this into a game. The large bath buckets from JANOD also have holes in the bottom, which will keep your toddler entertained for hours.
The JANOD baby bath toys have a hole and can therefore spray water, the critters are made of soft PVC, empty them after use and let the critters air dry.

How do you clean bath toys?

For most toys, after using bubble bath, oil and shampoo, rinse the toy well with clean water, squeeze it if necessary and let it air dry. So don't hang it wet in a bag so that no air can get in.