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Play and develop with JANOD wooden toys

JANOD is the brand for beautiful and colorful wooden toys for babies and children. This classic French brand has been making traditional and sustainable toys since 1970. In addition to wooden toys, JANOD also has beautiful magnetic books and exciting puzzles. The toy stimulates creativity and imagination and helps develop important skills.

Wooden baby toys

JANOD wooden toys for babies and toddlers from twelve months. The cheerful pull figures in different animals, colorful stacking towers and blocks help your child develop their dexterity. The wooden puzzles, beaded frames and the shape sorter also help develop fine motor skills!

Pretend & play wooden toys!

Playing is the most fun when you can let your imagination run wild and discover and experiment. Dream away in another world! Are you a tough firefighter or woman and do you extinguish all fires with the fire engine? Or use the doctor's bag to make all the sick better again!
Pretend & play toys are a good way to stimulate imagination, create dreams and develop personality.

JANOD puzzles

JANOD also has beautiful puzzles in all kinds of fun themes! For the little ones there are wooden puzzles with cheerful animals.
The Floor Puzzles are fun jigsaw puzzles for toddlers (from 3 years old) with an extra surprise! The pieces have structure, for example you can feel the skins of the animals on the zoo puzzle.
The puzzle cases are for children around 4-5 years old and have very nice illustrations of, for example, the world map, and they also come in a handy case that can go anywhere!
For children from 8 years old, the observation puzzles are a fun challenge, when you have completed the puzzle you can look for different objects that can be found in the puzzle.

JANOD magnetic books

The JANOD magnetic books are the perfect birthday gift for children from 3 years old! The magnetic books with themes such as animals, vehicles and clock watching contain magnetic cards of different parts that you can put together in different ways.

JANOD bath toys

New is the bath toys, the collection is still relatively small but fun!. The set of 5 bath buckets is not only fun for the bath, but also nice to play with on the beach and at the pool. There are bath puzzles for children who like to bathe and do puzzles.

Playing with JANOD since 1970

In 1970, Louis Janod founded the company in Orgelet, France. JANOD focused on making and selling traditional wooden toys such as yo-yos, spinning tops and skittles.
Because of the classic look, the nostalgia but the contemporary designs, Janod is still one of the largest in wooden toys today.
From 2004 the brand went international and in 2008 the brand expanded by producing cardboard puzzles in addition to wooden toys. A year later, the brand was given a new look and the now well-known white rabbit on a red background became the new brand logo.