Reduce Reuse Recycle

We would like to contribute to a cleaner, sustainable earth and we do that in our own way. At PSikhouvanjou we work as environmentally conscious as possible and we are happy to tell you how.

Recycled boxes

If you have received your order, we naturally hope that you are very happy with it, because we would like to see that. Did you notice that you received your order in a recycled box? We reuse as many boxes and packaging as possible and if we cannot find a suitable recycled box, we use a new box made from recycled material. We also always try to find a suitable box so that we send as little hot air as possible.
The box you receive from us is not waste but can be disposed of with the old paper.


To close the boxes, we had special new environmentally friendly tape made based on cellulose , which is a natural product. The PSikhouvanjou tape is free of chlorine and dyes. This makes it very environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. The tape is printed with water-based ink.

Paper + printing

We have a low print policy within our company, which means that our administration is digital as much as possible. When we print, we choose recycled paper without bleaching agents or optical brighteners. The packing slip with your order is also printed on this paper, your packing slip is a bit greyish because it is unbleached.

PSikhouvanjou thank you cards + gift cards

Our cards are printed on sulphate cardboard, FSC certified, so this paper product comes from an FSC certified forest and is recognizable by the FSC label. By using FSC, we directly contribute to the protection of our global forests and to a healthy living environment for humans and animals worldwide.

Wrapping paper

Our goal is to completely switch to recycled wrapping paper printed with water-based ink. The range is not yet large and we still have a lot of wrapping paper in stock, which you will of course use first.


Less and less plastic is being used, but plastic free is not always possible, for example, puzzles are sealed and some products are protected by bubbles of plastic. If possible, we remove all plastic before we send your order. If your items are still wrapped in plastic, then this is a conscious choice to preserve the item.

Sometimes we fill your box to protect the items during transport when this is done with plastic air cushions or bubble plastic, this has always been filling material from our suppliers.

Postage costs

We charge shipping costs for all orders, we don't think free shipping costs anymore because it is anything but free. People, systems and transport are called in to send and deliver your order, all of which must be paid, rightly so.
We charge € 4.95 shipping costs, which is part of the shipping costs that you pay and we pay the other part.

Free Shipping

Above €50 we take care of the total shipping of €4.95 and we offer FREE shipping for you as a customer, this applies to all deliveries within the Netherlands and Belgium.