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Kinderbestek om zelf te leren eten, kinderbestek is kleiner, handzamer en veiliger voor kleine kinderen dus ideaal voor kinderhandjes. Kinderbestek sets met een lepel, vork en een "bot"mes gemaakt van RVS, siliconen, plastic of duurzaam PP materiaal.
Voor elk kind is er een passend besteksetje in gewenst materiaal, kleur of printje. Ideaal als klein en bruikbaar kraamcadeautje verpakt in leuke cadeaudoosje.



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Children's cutlery because that's how you learn to eat yourself

With your own children's cutlery you learn to eat yourself, children's cutlery is smaller, more handy and safer for small children, so ideal. Stainless steel cutlery, stainless, silicone and plastic children's cutlery made of durable PP material. There is a suitable cutlery set for everyone.

Children's cutlery

Our children's cutlery is often given as a baby shower gift or for a first birthday. Children's cutlery sets with a spoon and fork and complete sets with a children's knife. We inform you about the different materials so that you can choose the right cutlery for your child.

Plastic children's cutlery made of PP

Mushie's plastic children's cutlery is also a durable and safe choice for your child, made in Denmark and extensively tested according to the latest standards, PP is suitable for the dishwasher and microwave.

Stainless steel children's cutlery

The most famous stainless steel children's cutlery is made of stainless steel with ABS handles, often in fun colors and prints. Done by Deer has a stainless steel cutlery set with silicone handles for more grip and Petit Monkey has different cutlery sets for boys and girls.

Silicone baby spoons

For the little ones there are silicone baby labels from Mushie and LIEWOOD, silicone material is soft and flexible ideal for baby's first snacks and protective for teething.
The Mushie silicone baby spoons are not suitable for the microwave and should preferably be washed by hand. The baby spoons are suitable for the dishwasher, but silicone can absorb dye from the food, with light colors this is more visible than with dark colors.