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MUSHIE tableware and baby toys

Mushie crockery, cutlery, pacifier holders and cords and Mushie toys, this Danish brand is sustainable, ecological with minimalist design, only the best for your baby.
Mushie became known with the colored silicone bib, according to Danish design, easy to close, stain resistant and does not absorb water. Mushie's collection is now broader than just the bibs, pacifier clips, the new stacking tower and children's tableware, all made in Denmark.

Mushy toy

The Mushie stacking tower or stacking cups are baby toys for the bath, on the beach or in the sandbox, with the cups you can stack, pour and sift. The stacking tower is available in 3 variants: the basic and pastel in soft colors and stacking tower forest a super cool maternity gift for a baby boy.

Mushie teething toys and teething rings are made of silicone and safe through teething. Bites in the form of bear, pretzel and rings with animals in different colors. The cheerful pop it baby toys are suitable for babies from 10 months and are also very nice as a hip maternity gift.

Mushie baby crockery and cutlery

The baby set consists of a plate with compartments and a suction cup, a bowl with a suction cup, super handy snack cups, training cups with a straw , spout cups and baby spoons. The silicone baby set is given whole as a gift at the birth of a bay.

The handy plate with compartments is a perfect plate for your child to learn to eat, you position the plate on a smooth surface so that the plate remains stable, the high edges make it easy for your child to get the food on his spoon or fork without the food slides off the plate.

Mushie pacifier clip and pacifier holders

The Mushie pacifier clips with silicone and wooden beads are the perfect match for your pacifier and safe to use. The Mushie pacifier holder is the handy aid for storing pacifiers, you tie the pacifier holder to your bag or the stroller, the holder fits 3 pacifiers.

Mushie crockery and cutlery PP

Mushie 's tableware has a graphic design look and is available in the well-known colors of Mushie. There are two variants of the PP children's tableware, a square and a round model, available as a plate, bowl, cups and Mushie cutlery .
The Mushie children's tableware is made of polypropylene, also called polypropylene or PP for short. The crockery can be put in the microwave ! Another very nice aspect this children's tableware is made locally in Denmark.

The Mushie cutlery is super popular as a gift, the cutlery consists of a fork and a spoon and all colors match the tableware.

Mushi SALE

You can now shop the natural baby care products from Mushie on SALE

Mushi silicone bib

The silicone Mushie bib is ecological and super handy, the collection tray catches food scraps that do not end up in the mouth and your little one learns to eat independently without making too much mess.
The Mushie bib is available with cool little prints on it, the bib can be put in the dishwasher , cleaning with a wet cloth is also possible.

About Mushie

The American brand Mushie was founded by Mushie Feigenson a year after her second child was born, Mushie is a mastermind of all kinds of relationships, social media and marketing. The products are basic but also trending and welcome on instagram. Together with her husband Levi Feigenson, Mushie manages her team.