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The children's and youth books that your child really wants to read

Reading is very good, it develops language and vocabulary, we all know that. How do we get our children to read? Very simple to buy good children's books that suit your child. Our readers have made this selection for you.

Reading books for children

New in our range are the reading books for children, in our search for beautiful reading books to make those reading miles, we thought that you would also like to know what our children read, what they love.
The reading phase after the diary of hat, Thea Stilton, Geronimo Stilton and the life of Loser. The reading books usually no longer have pictures and it is the stories that should fascinate the children

Children's encyclopedia and information and trivia books

A children's encyclopedia online , books with lots of facts and information for children who absorb information and want to know and learn everything about nature, animals and the world.
There are also various atlases for children from the age of 6 in which they can read the different continents, their characteristics and facts. Terra Lannoo's Atlas is probably the most famous Atlas for children .

In this category you will definitely find a suitable gift for an old child who likes to read and wants to know things.