Night lights baby and child

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A night light for your baby or child, a night light helps when your child is afraid of the dark and when falling asleep. A night lamp with a timer to fall asleep to, rechargeable night lamps from LIEWOOD made of soft silicone, or a small night lamp from Petit Monkey perfect for in bed, staying out or on holiday.

Children's night light with timer

A night light with a timer for children who have trouble falling asleep but do not need a light at night. Most lights work on small button cell batteries and turn off automatically within a few minutes,

Petit Monkey night lights have a timer of 60 minutes after which the lights turn off automatically. The night lights all have an LED light and are CE certified. Night lights in all shapes and colors, a night light cloud, night light star or a sweet bear or panda bear as a night light.
The night lights from DJECO have a timer of 20 minutes and the snow globe lights have a timer of 45 minutes , the correct time is described with each light.

Rechargeable night light child

The night lights from LIEWOOD are all rechargeable. Some rechargeable night lights come with a 5V charger, so you don't need batteries.
The latest LIEWOOD night lights are rechargeable with a USB charger . The lights are made of nature-friendly silicone. The material feels nice and soft, and gives the night light a nice appearance, the light also gives a soft light. This lighting keeps watch during the night!