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ZAZU sleep trainers and light projector

Zazu's sleep trainers teach your little one when to stay in bed and when it's OK to get up. With a traffic light in the abdomen, the sleep trainer indicates when it is time for bed, when they can almost get up and when they can really get out of bed. Super handy for children who wake up early and for parents who want to sleep well.

A child has no sense of time. For a young child, the day begins the moment they open their eyes, which can be quite early (and tiring) for the parents. The ZAZU sleep trainer shows your child when it's time to get up, press his belly and the color appears. Green is getting up, orange is waiting a little longer and red is night, so sleep a little longer.

ZAZU sleep trainer Brody Bear

The ZAZU sleep trainer can help your little one fall asleep at night with its soothing night light and soothing songs. In the early morning, he can show your child when it's time to sleep and when it's okay to get up. Bear Brody's belly changes color like a traffic light, at night, early morning and green when your little one is allowed to get up.

The ZAZU sleep trainer comes in 3 colours:

  1. Brody's night light is red, it's time to go to sleep. If you press Brody's belly at night, it lights up red.
  2. 30 minutes before it's time to get up, press Brody's stomach and the light will glow orange. The last 5 minutes Brody lifts his belly on his own, now it only takes a few minutes.
  3. Brody's belly lights up green. It's okay to get up.

ZAZU light projector Wally and Turtle

The ZAZU light projector is a night light and music box in 1. The light projector plays different sounds and helps your child to calm down and fall asleep. The music can be set to 2 levels and is automatically switched off after 15 minutes.

The light projector has 4 colors, red, green, blue and rainbow and also has a cry sensor. When your child cries, the projector turns on.

ZAZU light projector Tim Turtle has a special sleep program:

0-10 minutes will help your baby calm down. An orange sunset and birds flying around. Calming African music in the background.
10-20 minutes The sun goes down and fewer birds fly. Calm African music in the background.
20-30 minutes The projection has no more birds and gives soft light. The sound is off.


ZAZU is a Dutch brand that develops products for children and their parents to help them sleep well. Founders Nynke Bakker and Sven van der Veen, both parents of 3 children, joined forces in 2013 and founded their own brand of children's products:

“Having children is very special. It's great to see your little ones develop from cute cuddly babies to mini characters who crack jokes, have endless energy and show their own character. But those same things can also make parenting quite challenging, let's not forget, sweet and funny as they are, for example at 5am it feels very different!”