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Fun books for babies and children

If you are going to read to the little ones, which picture books do you choose? A picture book must of course tell a fascinating story, show the most beautiful illustrations and be sufficiently familiar with everyday life.
By reading sound books with your baby, babies learn to recognize sounds and they want to recognize and learn that! Animal sounds are often the first sounds a child recognizes and can imitate. No matter how young they are, you can soon start practicing imitating all the animals.

Picture books for toddlers and children age 1-6 years

The most beautiful, funniest and funniest picture books that belong in every children's bookcase. At PSikhouvanjou you order children's books online for toddlers and children. We choose the most beautiful books with appealing illustrations, with funny stories, stories in rhyme and also books with a repeat story line.
Every holiday we choose one new picture book that goes with us on holiday and we read it every day and provide the extra memory for later.

Baby sound books from 1 year+

The first was bought in France on holiday, the sound of a booklet is not language sensitive and the sound booklet was played with great pleasure. Fortunately, these nice titles also came to the Netherlands and we have a nice assortment for your children.

Children's books baby from 0 to 1 year

Suitable for the little ones, let them come into contact with language, sounds and reading aloud ensures better language development. Give a baby book as a maternity gift, in this category you can shop online books for babies from 0 to 1 year.

Children's books 7 years and older

Reading is good for children and that is best done with best reading books. We have a collection of youth books that you don't buy online everywhere, our youth readers have made this selection for you. Books you must have read as a child or as a parent.
In this category you also shop various children's encyclopedias and books with lots of information and trivia for children with a great need for information about the world, topography, animals, insects and nature.