Mosquito net baby and children's room

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Een klamboe voor de babykamer geeft je baby extra geborgenheid. Online de mooiste gekleurde klamboes, de musthave voor de babykamer en ideaal voor straks in de kinderkamer. Maak een fijn slaap en relaxplek  en plaats de klamboe aan de kopse kant van het bed.



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A mosquito net for your baby is really a must-have

A mosquito net for the baby room is the must-have of 2021. All cool design brands have beautiful baby mosquito nets in trendy colors for the cradle, and the crib and in the children's room you use the mosquito net to create a safe and secure place create for your child.

Why a mosquito net in the nursery?

A mosquito net gives your baby extra security and gives the nursery a warm, cozy look. You can also use a baby mosquito net later in the nursery, which is nice.
We see a trend towards the use of mosquito nets in the children's room. They are then placed at the ends of the bed and give your child a nice place to sleep, read and relax. The transition from a cot to a large bed becomes a lot easier and your child also has the privacy to retreat. You can also make a very nice playground with a mosquito net and a mattress.

Baby mosquito net 100% cotton

All mosquito nets from Nododinoz, Konges Slojd, Play at Slaep and OYOY mini are made of 100% ecological cotton, a safe and sustainable choice. The mosquito net from Jollein is made from

Can I wash a mosquito net?

Yes, you can wash a 100% cotton baby mosquito net, preferably at a cold or low temperature. Check the wash and care label in the mosquito net carefully and remove the ring before washing.
Please note that woven fabric can shrink up to 5%. Do not use a dryer, but let the canopy air dry.

How do I hang a mosquito net?

Use a sturdy hook that can easily carry 10 kilos, a mosquito net weighs approximately 1.5 kilos, but you definitely want it to hang well on your ceiling.