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Kinderpuzzels online, van goedkope houten legpuzzels, kleurrijke puzzels van DJECO , prachtige puzzel koffers van JANOD en voor de ultieme puzzelervaring kies je het Spaanse LONDJI. Kies uit assortiment van 200 kinder puzzels, sorteer op leeftijd en puzzelstukjes en kies zo de puzzel voor jouw kind. Van vloerpuzzels tot zoekpuzzels, educatieve en heel veel dierenpuzzels.   



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Puzzles are educational and good for motor skills

Puzzles is one of our favourites, you can never get enough of them and you can never start too early, so 2 good reasons to buy a new puzzle every time. Puzzling is educational for children, requires patience, concentration and for the little ones, fine motor skills and coordination. And how happy is your child when the puzzle is finished? The most favorite puzzles are created daily.

Puzzling is instructive for children, requires patience and concentration, so it is nice to connect people together. Children's puzzles 2-3 years with 4 to 24 puzzle pieces, puzzles 3-4 years with 36 to 54 puzzle pieces, puzzles 5-6 years with 70 to 100 puzzle pieces, 200 pieces for 8 years and older and of course family puzzles with 500 and 1000 puzzle pieces.

Children's puzzles 1 year

Because most children can sit when they are 1 year old, most wooden puzzles start at this age. Wooden puzzles with large buttons, button puzzles where they immediately learn shapes, sizes and colors and also wooden puzzles with shape + sound.
Enough challenge for your little one and good promotion of fine motor skills. So in our opinion very suitable as a first puzzle for 1 year.

With the wooden block puzzles you can make 6 different puzzles with 4 puzzle pieces, check carefully whether the images are different enough from each other, only then your child will also be able to make the puzzles himself.

Children's puzzle 2 years +

From this age there are also hard cardboard puzzles, the time has passed when all the pieces go into the mouth. The first jigsaw puzzles start with 12 large pieces, nice and sturdy to make a nice puzzle and of course with the most beautiful images.

DJECO has a primo series with first jigsaw puzzles with 9, 12 and 16 puzzle pieces, a very nice and affordable gift for a 2nd birthday. Crocodile Creek also makes mini puzzles with 12 pieces in nice shape boxes.
If your child can do more and needs more challenge, choose 24 puzzle pieces with a little help from you and you will certainly succeed in making the puzzle.

Children's puzzle 3 years

We advise from 36 puzzle pieces for the age of 3 years, but take a good look at what your child can do and check carefully how many puzzle pieces a puzzle contains and don't just look at age.
Is your child already very good at puzzles? Then choose one with more pieces and try to find an image that fits well with your child's perception of the world, after all, you know your child best.

For 3 years there are very nice children's puzzles such as the large floor puzzles from Mudpuppy, DJECO has observation puzzles where you look for elements in the edge and the round puzzle in which they learn the seasons or parts of the day is also fun and educational. JANOD has cool surprise puzzles and tactile puzzles, also very nice for a child. Do you want an affordable puzzle? Petit Monkey has nice sturdy puzzles for a good price.

Children's puzzle 4 years

The real puzzling has begun: 48 or 54 puzzle pieces depending on the brand, the image becomes more difficult and the puzzle pieces smaller. Children are challenged by Mudpuppy and Crocodile Creek, they are true brands for children's puzzles because the illustrations are really fantastic.
Above & Below floor puzzle from Crocodile Creek with 48 puzzle pieces shows the difference between above and below in different themes. Mudpuppy has observation puzzles with 64 pieces with lots of pictures to look up.

Children's puzzle 5 years

It's time for 70 and 100 puzzle pieces, time for the great Mudpuppy glow in the dark puzzles. Complete the puzzle with the lamp on, the glow in the dark image charges immediately. Is your puzzle finished? Turn off the lamp and enjoy the beautiful glow in the dark image. The thirty six series from Crocodile Creek are puzzles with all animals such as ocean animals, wild animals and birds of the world.

Children's puzzle 8 years

In the puzzles, a big step is made from 100 to 200, 300 and 500 puzzle pieces. A good puzzler will not be discouraged by a few more pieces. The thirty six puzzles are also available in 300 pieces and Mudpuppy has also made glow in the dark puzzles for this age with 500 pieces. There are also observation puzzles with 200 pieces, which seems little, but because the puzzle is round, it is really difficult to make.

Family puzzle 500 and 1000 pieces

We also call puzzles from 500 pieces family or family puzzles to make together. Just like us, you love 1000 piece puzzles, the creme de la creme among the puzzles, sit down for a while, ask your family to help because you also do puzzles together.

DJECO has expanded the 1000 piece puzzles this year, you can recognize them by the long narrow boxes. The fact that 1000 piece puzzles are so popular has also not gone unnoticed by the other brands, Crocodile Creek has added 4 beautiful puzzles in collaboration with Dieter Braun.

When can your child start doing puzzles?

Not early enough as far as we're concerned, your little one can learn to play puzzles when they can sit. The puzzling can begin with a sturdy chair at the table. For the little ones, choose a wooden puzzle with not too many puzzle pieces, 3 to 5 pieces is more than enough.
See if the illustrations and shapes are challenging because that determines the difficulty of the puzzle. Nothing is more frustrating for a child to know where to place the piece but the piece cannot be placed properly.
There are also puzzles where there is another image under the puzzle piece that helps your little one to puzzle, without a picture they will have more difficulty puzzling
Can your child hold the puzzle pieces properly? We have plenty of wooden puzzles with nice big buttons that are easy for your baby to grasp.

What are the best puzzle toy brands?

We are the online puzzle specialist, because we all within our team love to puzzle with our children and alone. Who always choose the most beautiful illustrations that appeal to children and of course we have a few favorites:

DJECO puzzles : for the little ones the most beautiful wooden puzzles, duo puzzles as the first cardboard puzzles and of course the observation puzzles and the puzzles with 1000 pieces.

Crocodile Creek puzzles : known for the puzzles in a shape box and many puzzles with animals, nature and educational elements.

Mudpuppy puzzles : the glow in the dark puzzle should not be missing in a beautiful collection, they are also available with a foil effect. The observation puzzles are also very interesting for children.

LONDJI puzzles are puzzles with unique illustrations and extras and jokes. The puzzles are made locally in Spain and are therefore a sustainable choice.