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DJECO toys, puzzles and games

DJECO the best toys from France. Shop online for the most beautiful toys, puzzles, games and crafts + creative toys for children who like to craft. DJECO has been our main supplier of toys for more than 12 years, they excel in the combination of quality, illustrations, colors and packaging.

DJECO toys

DJECO has expanded its toy collection considerably with a large collection of baby toys such as push figures, wooden rattles and maracas. This new baby toy is often given as a maternity gift, affordable and beautiful! Every year they collaborate with new illustrators and develop new DJECO toys that challenge all children.

DJECO puzzles

Do puzzles with DJECO, from wooden puzzles for young children to animal puzzles in unique shaped boxes with puzzle pieces of 9 to 1000 pieces. DJECO has put puzzles back on the map.

From the age of 1 DJECO has wooden animal puzzles with large puzzle pieces, from the age of 2 there are puzzles with 24 pieces, the best-selling puzzle is the primo puzzle with 3 animals puzzles in the theme of sea and forest animals.
From 16 to 24 pieces there are DJECO shape puzzles in the shape of an elephant, panda, a cool dragon or a knight. The educational observation puzzles start from 3 years with 35 pieces and continue with 200 pieces for children up to 6 years.

The real puzzling has begun, the images become more difficult and the puzzle pieces smaller. Children from the age of 4 are challenged with a shape puzzle or observation puzzle with 54 pieces, from the age of 5 the number of pieces is expanded to 100 or 200 pieces. New for this age are the extra long puzzles of almost 1 meter, which you really must have laid as a puzzler.

If your whole family loves puzzles, then get to work together with the DJECO 1000 piece puzzles, which are also almost 1 meter long. Also great as a gift tip, give a special DJECO puzzle as a gift.

DJECO games

DJECO games our kids love to play, from card games to board games. An extensive choice of card games: the famous Black Pete game, educational card games where children learn numbers, letters and words, quartets and games with animals and sounds and even who can lie best!

The board games start from the age of 2.5, how nice is it to play the DJECO little with your little one. DJECO eduludo games are educational and instructive and stimulate, among other things, spatial insight and logical thinking.
Choose your favorite DJECO game appropriate to the age of your child.

DJECO creative toys

Since 2006, DJECO creative toys have their own name, Design By, for all children who love crafting and coloring, DJECO encourages children to develop their artistic side from an early age.
How young? From 1.5-2 years old, DJECO offers craft sets with magical colours, finger paint, stamp paint, clay and crayons for little ones.
With the complete craft packages your child can get started right away, welcome to the magical creative world of DJECO: colored sand and foil, paint or number, mosaics, paper folding, collages and scratch foil.
The artistic craft package challenges older children from aqua beads, diamonds paints to shrink wrap or also shrinkie dinkie.

The music boxes from DJECO

One of DJECO's customers is the music boxes, they come in so many different variants with all kinds of different music. A music box to listen to when you open the box, a doll starts to rotate and play music. You will find the DJECO music boxes with the musical instruments.

DJECO Animambo musical instruments

With the Animambo collection, music can be heard in your home! Children love to make music and it is good for their development. DJECO musical instruments are colourful, illustrative and sound like music to your ears.
With a drum, piano, guitar and even a keyboard for the most beautiful beats you form an orchestra, choose your favorite music instruments online now.

DJECO toys since 1954

DJECO the French toy has been around since 1954 and was founded by Véronique Michel-Dales, she invented educational games for her daughter such as domini and lotto and she is way ahead of her time.
In 1960 DJECO won all kinds of prizes for their games, but the growth did not continue. In the end, it is son Frederic who decides in 1997 to take a new direction and he develops the toy brand considerably and expands the collection.

DJECO is the largest toy brand that we sell in our range.