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Give your child the best coloring and drawing supplies

You see, we at PSikhouvanjou are full of colored pencils, markers, paint because, as far as we're concerned, children can't be creative often enough. High-quality colored pencils, paint and markers are the basis for beautiful creations, the material will invite them to get started and let their imagination run wild.


Choose good basic felt-tip pens, these markers color for a long time, have an intensive color and also stay alive when you lose the cap for a while. Check carefully whether the markers are washable or not, for the little ones we have SUPER washable markers from DJECO so you can let them do their thing with confidence.

For older children there are very cool metallic, glitter and scented pens and markers with fine and thick points.

Washable finger paint

The first acquaintance with paint will be the finger paint, which is washable, the stamp paint from DJECO is also a super fun product for little ones, these foam markers are bottles with a foam top that releases paint when you squeeze it or stamp with it. Use the markers to stamp a beautiful work of art or decorate a drawing. This one is also SUPER washable.

Washable watercolor

The next phase has arrived, watercolor in tablet form or in liquid form in pots, tubes or bottles. Check the packaging carefully because not all watercolors are washable. OOLY has watercolor in tablet and liquid with glitter and metallic, which gives your artwork even more shine.

colored pencils

No ordinary colored pencils, but special ones such as metallic colored pencils , great for coloring on colored paper or neon colored pencils that make your drawing more special. Or the nice big jumbo pencils with 2 colors in 1 pencil.


Because they love it! OOLY makes the best erasers in the nicest packages with and without a smell.

Gel pens and markers

Gel pens with glitter in metallic colors or gel pens in neon colors are suitable for older children. Pens are suitable for writing, but you can also use them in a drawing for refined accents.

You use markers to make the texts stand out or to make a distinction in the text so that you highlight the most important points and learn better. Markers with a nice scent, metallic markers with a fine and a flat tip or pastel markers. It won't be your pens!