PS Saving System

PS saving system

We have a unique and personal savings system for all customers who order from us, enjoy all kinds of extras and exclusive benefits. Is that something for you? Register now and receive your first 100 loyalty points for free!

How can you save?

If you already have an account in our shop, you only have to activate your account by logging in, the first 100 points are then immediately ready for you. If you are not yet a customer, first create a savings account, for which we need your data such as your first name, last name and e-mail address.
With every purchase you receive loyalty points, make sure you are logged in otherwise the system cannot assign points to your account.

What are the benefits of the PS savings system?

5 loyalty points for every €1 that is a 5% discount!
100 loyalty points to welcome you to the PS savings system
100 loyalty points for a product review
100 loyalty points every birthday!

How can I redeem my loyalty points?

When you have created an account and made a purchase, you can find your savings points in your savings account and redeem them for a next purchase.
Go to your savings account, at the bottom left you will see a red button with savings system, click on this and then choose redeem savings points, a coupon will be created for you that you can immediately place in your basket or use later.
Loyalty points can be redeemed with a minimum spend of €40.

How long are the loyalty points valid?

Redeeming your savings points within 6 months earlier is of course also possible. We will ask you in good time to redeem your loyalty points, you will receive a reminder from us 30 days and 7 days before the expiry date.

Once expired loyalty points can no longer be redeemed.
Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Silver and Gold savers

When you have spent €150 (15,000 loyalty points) in 6 months, you will receive 500 extra savings points.
When you have spent €300 (30,000 loyalty points) in 6 months, you will receive 500 extra savings points.
Redeeming loyalty points does not affect your status.

The following article groups are excluded from the PS savings system

Gift cards and books.


I placed an order and I forgot to log in, what now?

Unfortunately, we cannot then allocate loyalty points to your account, so don't forget to log in!

What happens when returning an order that has been paid with loyalty points?

In that case you will receive new savings points for this amount, we cannot redeem savings points, not even with a credit refund

Can I gift my loyalty points to someone else?

No, they are unique per account and linked to your specified e-mail address. Of course you can order a present for someone else.