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Drawing templates, learn to draw step by step and coloring pages

Drawing is fun, there are few children who do not like drawing. Stimulating drawing is important, because drawing is not only fun, it is also very good for development. By drawing, a child also gets all the space to express his creativity and to play with fantasy. Many children can express their feelings in drawings and it is a nice outlet for them.

Drawing is good for every child from an early age, when a child gets older and motor control develops, a child will draw more and more recognizable and detailed. And drawing is also very good for the development of hand-eye coordination. A good reason to surround your child with beautiful drawing supplies and creative toys.

Child drawing templates

To work with a drawing template, your child needs good motor skills, help if it is not yet possible to keep the template still and follow the lines, it may seem easy, but they could use a little help.
If you have copied the drawing template correctly, you can start coloring it. DJECO has super fun drawing templates for boys and girls.

Learn to draw with the Step by Step drawing cards

Your toddler can learn to draw from the age of 3 with the step by step drawing cards from DJECO, you will see how much they like this and how quickly they can draw a beautiful animal.

Coloring with flock coloring pages

Ideal for smaller children because the flock coloring pages ensure that you keep coloring within the lines, even for the little ones there is already a beautiful coloring page from DJECO suitable for children from 2 years old .
For children aged 3-6 , there are large flock coloring pages with a higher coloring difficulty and the coloring page is also larger. From the age of 6 , the flock coloring pages are really refined and more difficult to color in, also fun for adults to color in.

Magic coloring with water for toddlers 18 months +

A beautiful starter set where success is guaranteed, you fill the pen with water and when the drawing comes into contact with the water from the pen, the illustrations discolor and the most beautiful colors appear. You can play with this endlessly,