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Lilliputiens dolls and bath toys

The toy dolls from Lilliputiens and the new atmosphere show what Lilliputiens toys now stand for, Lilliputiens has been back and hits the right chord with the new collection.

Lilliputian dolls

The Lillputiens dolls are not only a feast for the eyes, every child will be happy with the beautiful fabric dolls and characters, they use super soft materials and have a high cuddly content. Lilliputiens doll Noa, Lou, Rose and Alex like to go to sleepovers, travel or carry you in a baby carrier on the back.

Lilluputiens baby activity toys

Beautiful activity toys suitable for babies and toddlers with all kinds of activities that stimulate fine motor skills and will keep your little one busy, with sounds, crackles and mirrors. Toys with a lot to discover and therefore perfect as a maternity or birthday gift.

Lilliputien's toys

Lilliputiens baby toys: soft rattles, activity sets and Lilliputiens wooden activity boards in 3 variants. farm, fire brigade and radio. The activity boards are a wonderful unique maternity gift that will be played with a lot. Real baby toys for the little ones.

Lilliputien's bath toys

Lilliputiens bath toys are made of neoprene that dries quickly. The bath toy is interactive with each toy you can actively play with water, pour or drip. Discovery, fun and creativity predominate in the bath toys.

About Lilliputien's cloth toys

Lilliputiens was founded in 1995 by 2 Belgian friends, they became familiar with fabric baby toys, activity toys and fabric dolls. The Lilliputiens family is now quite extensive and continues to surprise with its colors, baby toys in all kinds of materials and wonderful world of cute characters that make children happy. Welcome to a world of discovery and fun where creativity reigns supreme!
To design the hippest baby toys, Lilliputiens can count on a team of dynamic and passionate wonder moms. This creative team has the necessary "mummy touch" to come up with toys that children dream of. Toys that appeal to the imagination.

Can you wash Lilliputien's toys?

Almost all Lilliputiens baby toys are machine washable and comply with safety regulations. The materials used have been selected with the greatest care, evaluated again and again and subjected to the strictest possible controls. Check the wash & care label of the article for completeness.

What about the safety of the toys?

The carefully selected materials and a lot of tests carried out by recognized laboratories ensure the quality and safety of Lilliputiens baby toys. Each baby toy is tested for use from birth and meets European and international standards.