Kidzroom children's backpacks

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Kidzroom backpacks for children

Kidzroom children's backpacks are made of luxurious canvas or cotton-look polyester and many models have a drinking cup compartment on the inside. The different sizes are suitable for daycare, school or a day out.
The Kidzroom backpacks have luxurious details such as vegan leather accents, raincovered zippers and cotton lining.

Animal print backpacks

A Kidroom backpack is the ideal backpack if you are looking for a backpack that is large enough to take to school, A Kidzrpp, backpack with an animal print such as a crocodile, sloth, dragon or fox, Kidzroom has really cool prints for boys . The leopard print in peach or blue is a super backpack for girls.

Waste2wear RPET - sustainable children's backpacks

The backpacks are made from recycled PET bottles, so together we ensure that we treat the earth consciously.