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Plan Toys wooden toys

Plan Toys baby toys for the little ones, bath toys, great musical instruments and games. Plan Toys guarantees sustainable wooden toys and is a welcome addition to the current toy range.

Plan Toys wooden toys 100% sustainable

Plan Toys is the only toy brand that is 100% sustainable because all materials and supplies are taken from nature. Because we like to think about the future of our children , sustainable toys are playing an increasingly important role. When you choose Plan Toys toys, you really choose nature.

Plan Toys pretend & play toys

Plan Toys is super good at pretend & play toys that they can play with endlessly. It is well known that children love role-playing . A wooden kitchen, wooden doll's pram or beautiful wooden tool box ensures that they can imitate their parents for hours. As a parent you often get a mirror held up to you!

Plan Toys baby toys

Plan Toys baby toys, only the best toys for your child. Discover all the baby toys for babies aged 0-1 here . Plan Toys makes beautiful baby toys such as wooden rattles, the cool baby car that looks like a caterpillar and stacking towers in pastel colors and natural.
You can stack the wooden blocks, but the best thing about these sensory blocks is discovering the different functions. Rattle, look and feel,

Plan Toys bath toys are very suitable for bathing due to the reuse of the latex trees. The fun bath boats with a penguin or bear are the most famous bath toys, often given as a maternity gift or for a first birthday, a beautiful and unique bath toy.

Plan Toys SALE

Shop Plan Toys SALE online this way we keep our collection up to date and we can purchase the orderers and new collection for you. The SALE items will no longer be included in our collection.

Plan Toys musical instruments

They like to walk for the music from the Plan Toys musical instruments provide cheerfulness and music in your home. They don't turn their hand for a real wooden children's drum kit, a real DJ mixer set and of course the xylophone and the drum are not missing in their range of musical instruments .

The story of Plan Toys toys

All wooden toys are made of latex wood that has already been used, so no tree is specially cut. The latex trees come from a latex plantation where these trees are written off because a latex tree cannot produce latex to the end. The dyes are taken from nature, they are always safe and natural. All toys are made in Thailand.

When you have time, watch this video by Vitool Viraponsavan , founder and director, you will be even more motivated to choose Plan Toys toys.