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Sonny Angel the lucky dolls from Japan

Sonny Angel is a cute little nude (lucky) angel, a Sonny Angel is about 7.5 cm tall and fits in your pocket or jacket pocket and super nice in a letterbox or on your desk. Collect them all!

A Sonny Angel is a lucky doll of about 7.5 cm in size and made of hard plastic. The lucky doll is a little friend for every moment, you put it in your pocket and take your Sonny Angel with you everywhere.

Sonny Angels originated in Japan, the first Sonny Angel was born in May 2004 when he was still 18 cm high. a small doll of 18 cm high. The little doll is now immensely popular and a very photogenic friend for social media posts. His presence brings smiles and a sense of well-being to fans around the world. Everyone finds unique ways to love Sonny Angel.

There are already more than 650 different and unique Sonny Angels in total and we previously sold them online, at the time you could choose which doll you wanted to receive. We have now chosen to keep the unique Sonny Angel character which means that you receive a closed box and it is therefore a surprise who is in the box.

Sonny Angels are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Robby Angel is a good friend of Sonny Angel. He can change his body color at any time, like a chameleon, and he likes to dress up. Robby often imitates the style of the Sonny Angel in the series in which he can be found.