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Senger Naturwelt warmth cuddly toys

Heat cuddly toys from Senger Naturwelt are the softest cuddly toys for your newborn baby: the goose, seal and bear are really must-have cuddly toys for every mom and baby and perfect as a unique baby shower gift.

Senger Naturwelt your softest cuddly friend

Senger Naturwelt warm cuddly toys are the softest cuddly toys for your newborn baby, safe to use from birth, safe to cuddle, sleep with, play with and even put in the mouth. With Senger Naturwelt cuddly toy you have an animal friend for life: the beautiful goose , sweet bear or seal and the rabbit with its long ears.

Senger Naturwelt handmade in Germany

Senger uses raw materials of German origin for all warm cuddly toys, they only use natural materials with the highest ecological standards. For example, Senger gets its soft cotton eddy fabric from Oberfranken, the wool comes from the Eifel and Senger's zippers are produced in Northern Germany.
All cuddly toys are handmade locally in Germany.

Senger Naturwelt warmth and comfort while sleeping

With the warm cuddly toys from Senger Naturwelt, your child will sleep better, thanks to the addition of a cherry seed bag or spelled bag in the belly of your cuddly toy, your little one can sleep wonderfully warm and the heat provides extra comfort for stomach cramps.
The cuddly toy gives a safe and secure feeling, they love to lie against the cuddly toy. Even unheated, the cuddly toy is wonderfully soft to cuddle with and ideal for keeping your little one company.

How do you clean a Senger plush?

Senger Naturwelt cuddly toys are not allowed in the washing machine , small stains are best removed locally with a little bit of wool and mild detergent. If you want to give the entire cuddly toy a wash, first remove the bean bag, wash the cuddly toy by hand with lukewarm water. Make sure that the temperature of the water remains the same, wool does not like temperature changes, pat the cuddly toy dry well and let your cuddly toy dry well. Don't use a detergent either!

How do you heat up your heating pad, is this allowed in the microwave?

Heat the heating pad in a preheated oven at 75°C for 3 to 5 minutes. Then let the pillow rest briefly and place it back in the cuddly toy when it has the right temperature.

The spelled cushion may not be heated in the microwave, the cherry stone cushion may be heated in the microwave if the instructions are followed properly and at your own risk. A microwave distributes the heat less well than an oven. After removing from the microwave, the heating pad may become slightly warmer, so wait a minute and feel whether the pad is not too hot.
Heat the cherry pit cushion for 30 seconds in the microwave at max. 600W, then shake it out well so that the heat is evenly distributed.

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