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Looking for the best Sinterklaas presents?

PSikhouvanjou really has the best Sinterklaas presents for in the shoe and for December 5th and while you're shopping, don't forget to think about the nicest Sinterklaas bag for Christmas Eve.

We wrap your Sinterklaas gifts for free

Are you still looking for a nice Sinterklaas present? You can buy the nicest Sinterklaas presents for your child online from the purveyor of Sinterklaas. We have listed our bestsellers for you. When ordering, do not forget to check the free Sinterklaas gift wrap option and we will ensure that the most beautiful packages come your way.

The nicest Sinterklaas bag

How nice is it to support a good cause when you still make your Sinterklaas purchases? Two birds with one stone, a large jute Sinterklaas bag for all presents and also supporting a very good cause, namely the Princess Máxima Center Foundation, for children against cancer.

Sinterklaas toy book 2022

Free Sinterklaas toy book with the most beautiful Sinterklaas presents, a countdown calendar, wish list and of course a coloring page.
You will receive the Sinterklaass toy book for free from week 38 with your order when you spend from € 15, you can order the toy book separately for € 0.99 and receive a free Sinterklaas tattoo .

Our first edition of the Sinterklaas toy book is a fact! We hope you are as excited as we are! A toy book to use, to inspire and to make a wish list.
Via the QR code you will be immediately sent to the right article online and you can easily add it to your wish list via your account and share it with the help Sinterklazen and help Pieten.

We have different gift ideas for every age group: wooden toys, activity toys, bath and teething toys, creative and crafts, musical instruments, games, puzzles, dolls, cuddly toys, books, shoe gifts and one page of large gifts if you prefer one beautifully sustainable Sinterklaas present

Sinterklaas coloring contest

On page 35 you will find the Sinterklaas coloring page 2022, scan the QR code, download the coloring page, print it and have fun! Nice when you share a story or an instappost when you are coloring.
If you don't have a toy book and you want to participate, download the coloring page here .

You can hand in the coloring page by e-mail until Sunday 4 December. We will announce winners on Monday 4 December.