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OYOY Mini baby and children's room must-haves

Shop the largest OYOY Mini collection online at PSikhouvanjou. OYOY Mini is a real must-have for every baby and children's room and anyone who appreciates Danish Design.

OYOY Mini Danish class in the baby and children's room

OYOY Mini accessories for the baby and children's room, the Danish children's room accessories are completely contemporary, quality and design merge into articles that appeal to children. The use of color is always progressive and easy to combine with other colors and mix well with other items and brands.

OYOY Mini rugs

OYOY Mini became known with the adventure rug with the black roads on which you can play with your cars. With this rug they have clearly set a trend in the world of baby and children's rooms.
In 2019, OYOY Mini came up with a new curse, the round lion rug, this rug is very instagrammable, so you can see this rug in the nursery with every influencer with a preference for Danish design.

OYOY Mini children's furniture

Children's furniture made of rattan, bamboo, the beautiful rainbow clothes rack is really such an eye-catcher for the children's room. Beautiful in combination with clothes hangers and the cardboard storage boxes.

About OYOY

The Danish company OYOY Living Design was founded in 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. L otte graduated from the Danish design school Teko, specializing in interior and furniture design, which is reflected in the great collection of baby and children's room accessories.

The name is inspired by the OY letters, which have been the signature on all Danish aircraft since 1929. You will always feel that sense of pride in being a Dane wherever you are in the world, wherever you fly.
At OYOY Living Design they are also proud of their Danish roots and the letters OY indicate their Danish heritage.