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Timio interactive and educational audio and music player 

The TIMIO is an interactive and educational audio and music player for children from 2 years old. Each audio player comes with five magnetic discs packed with stories, music and games.

Screenless fun

TIMIO only uses sound and LED lights, so screen-free fun! As a result, children learn to listen attentively and their eyes do not tire so quickly. Thanks to the smart, simple design, you can let your kids play with peace of mind. TIMIO is robust and therefore ideal for small children's hands . TIMIO offers endless fun both at home and on the go.

Language development

Young children can use TIMIO in their native language to expand their vocabulary. You can challenge older children with another language. Also great for families in which more than one language is spoken or when a trip abroad is planned! You can always choose from eight different languages : Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Chinese-Mandarin, Italian and Portuguese.

Timo headphones

TIMIO headphones have been specially developed for children and are the perfect complement to the TIMIO audio player. The light, comfortable headphones are also limited to 85dB and are therefore extra safe for young ears.

Benefits of Timio interactive and educational audio and music player

Screenless educational toy

Ideal design for small children's hands

Expansion set and headphones sold separately

Promotes language development