Stapelstein stones by moving your child develops better

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Stapelstein stones that make children move.

Stapelstein would like children to exercise more, the stackable stones promote physical activity and creativity in children. The stacking stones are easy to lift and carry, 100% recyclable and super strong and available in different sets, colors and variants.

Stapelstein Rainbow and Stapelstein Confetti

You can get started right away with this set of stacking stones, the rainbow consists of six or eight colors with a supporting color of lilac or grey. The limited Stapelstein confetti was limited available in October 2021, the separate Stapelstein confetti stone is still available separately to complete your rainbow set.

Stapelstein Pastel

Pastel stacking stones from light yellow, light orange to light blue, mint and lilac. The pastel stacking stones are a nice addition for anyone who likes softer colors and perfect for girls. The pastel series is available as a set of 6 and as a set of 3.

Stapelstein Inside

Stapelstein Inside stones to nest , the stones fit together and together form a beautiful sphere. Open the sphere and discover the beautiful colors, e and beautiful expansion set to complete your collection of Stapelstein stacking stones. Stack, nest or use the stones as bowls for water, sand and sorting.

The Stapelstein Inside stones are suitable for children aged 1-12 years, the stones grow with your child because they will play with the stones differently at every age. The Inside stones come in pastel and classic bright colors in warm tones from red to yellow and cool from blue to purple. In a set of 3 and a double set of 6 stones.

The Stapelstein Inside stones are a lot smaller than the stacking stones with a clearly lower load bearing capacity .

Stacking stone 27.5 x 12 cm 190 grams carrying capacity 180 kilos
Inside S 9.3 x 4.5 cm 12 gr
Inside M 15.5 x 4.6 cm 38 gr
Inside L 21 x 8.7 cm 88 gr carrying capacity 50 kilos

Stapelstein Bloom S2023

Curious what the Stapelstein Bloom looks like? S2023 limited edition is on sale from March 1. think of spring, blooming spring, the newly awakened energy, brimming with joie de vivre, colorful flowers and more sunshine.
Stapelstein Bloom original is available as loose stacking stone Bloom and as Stapelstein Bloom pastel rainbow set of 6 + 1 .

Stapelstein Balance set

The Stapelstein balance set invites your child to move nicely. The balance board is ideal for active balance exercises and dynamic sitting. In combination with a stacking stone, the seat height can be individually and easily adjusted, but the difficulty of the balance exercise can also be increased.
The raised edge of the balance board provides extra support for challenging balance exercises and is therefore particularly suitable for children and the physically disabled.

From what age is Stapelstein suitable?

The Stapelstein stones are suitable for children from the age of 1, the stones grow with your child because they will play with the stones differently at every age. During every phase of your child there are games and possibilities with the Stapelstein both indoors and outdoors.

What can you do Stapelstein?

Stapelstein would like children to exercise much more, the stackable stones promote physical activity and creativity in children. The bricks immediately invite you to move, jump, build and play, which is allowed inside and outside in the garden, on the beach in the water or in the snow. The stacking stones are easy to lift and carry, made of EPP foam,
Human health and well-being are directly related to physical activity. This also applies to children, when you move more you can learn more easily and develop yourself better, playing is super good for every child.

What is Stapelstein made of?

The bricks are made of EPP stands for Expanded PolyPropylene, a plastic material that returns to its original shape when it dents. EPP is a super strong material with a high load-bearing capacity and therefore very suitable for the Stapelstein stones.

The Stapelstein stones are extremely strong, 1 stone has a carrying capacity of 180 kilos! The stackable stones are also very suitable for playing outside in the garden or in the water and the colors are UV resistant.

  • 100% recyclable
  • free of plasticizers and fuel
  • UV resistant
  • high energy absorption
  • high temperature resistance
  • water resistant
  • super carrying capacity 180 kilos per stone
  • food safe
  • according to REACH
  • RoHS compliant
  • confiom Oeko-Tex Standard 100