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Silly Silas baby tights with braces

The most beautiful Silly Silas tights with feet and without feet. Who doesn't love baby's legs and especially in these Silly Silas tights with suspenders, to eat! Let your child play and move without the tights slipping down.

Silly Silas tights with feet cotton

A retro rib baby tights with feet and suspenders, you can recognize them by the orange Silly Silas logo, available in 3 sizes from 0-2 m (46-50) 3-6 m (52-56) and 6-12 m (62 -68) and several beautiful colors. The cotton baby tights are handmade in the Czech Republic.

This rib tights is made of 100% GOTS cotton very suitable for baby's most sensitive skin. The cotton is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 at class 1 level, the strictest certification specially designed for newborns to toddlers up to three years old. In addition to testing for harmful chemicals against the strictest limits, the test and verification methods also focus on pronounced resistance to saliva as an additional requirement for Class 1 certification.

Silly Silas tights without feet wool

A retro rib baby tights without feet and with suspenders, you can recognize them by the gray Silly Silas logo, available in 3 sizes from 6-12 m (62-68) 1-2 yrs (74-800 and 2-3 yrs (86 -92) and different beautiful colors. The woolen baby tights keep your little one warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The woolen tights are handmade in Spain by a family that has been knitting for more than 50 years.

The unique combination of 59% merino wool and 41% organic cotton ensures the best comfort and, thanks to the composition of 100% natural fibers, is suitable for the most sensitive baby skin.
Merino wool is an ultra-fine, extremely soft natural fiber that is breathable and helps regulate body temperature in both hot and cold weather. In winter days, it absorbs the cold air and circulates the heat.
On summer days, it allows the body to breathe while absorbing water from your little ones skin. It is also renewable and biodegradable. Thanks to its protein-based composition, Merino wool biodegrades after about a year in the soil.

How to wear Silly Silas tights

It is important that your little one always wears the braces correctly, as shown in all our photos, with one brace firmly on the left shoulder and the other brace on the right shoulder to prevent chafing. The suspenders form the letter V and ensure that the tights stay in place perfectly and will not slide down.


Silly Silas tights are NOT suitable for sleeping.

How do you wash a Silly Sillas leotard?

The cotton tights: 40 degrees normal program and not suitable for the dryer.
After washing, straighten the suspenders and lay them flat to dry.

The wool tights: 30 degrees delicate wash program, not suitable for the dryer.
After washing, straighten the suspenders and lay them flat to dry.

About Silly Silas

The origin of the suspender tights goes back to the fifties and sixties in what was then Czechoslovakia. Terry's grandmother gave the traditional leotard, which she used to wear herself, to her first grandchild Elias. who despite being just a baby and a few months old visibly enjoyed wearing them every day. And it was Terry's love as a mother, who immediately felt that this traditional garment was a special but almost forgotten piece of her homeland's heritage, a piece of history that can bring happiness to more babies and their parents around the world.

Silly Silas decided in 2020 to reinvent these traditional tights with suspenders in new versions that fit the modern world in which our children live. Their mission is to support and nurture the decades-old, traditional productions and family-owned artisans in the EU, to ensure that this local craft will not disappear.

Silly Silas cares for the little ones as well as for the future of our planet Earth - they have received the best certifications in the textile sector and are proud to carry OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GOTS and RWS certifications.