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Quut sand toys and bath toys, innovative and creative

Quut beach toys design sand toys for water and beach, the sand toys have multiple functions and the design and material make the toys super strong. The bath puzzles are foam puzzles for the bath that children can build themselves, create their own magical world full of adventures and stories. Taking a bath has never been so much fun!

Quut sand toys

Special sand toys from Quut such as the sand stacking tower, bucket and the triplet shovel, rake and sieve in one. Sand toys suitable for all ages to build in the sand on the beach or at home in the sandbox.
Take the bucket to the beach and fill it with water, with the sieve you can find the most beautiful shells in the sand. Would you rather build a sandcastle? That is also possible with Quut sand toys.

Quutopia bath puzzles

Quutopia bath puzzles are made of foam, a soft EVA plastic. The bath puzzles stimulate creative play and fine motor skills. The material is free of BPA, phthalates and latex and is recyclable. The components do not absorb water and therefore remain neat and free of mould.

The different types of Quutopia bath puzzles

There are several Quutopia bath puzzles, the flat foam bath puzzles in 5 variants, the shark bath puzzle and whale are real favourites, these puzzles stick to the bath or shower wall.
The bath puzzles with dolls that float on the water are 2 variants Treasure and Sail away and the latest bath puzzle to Rescue and To the moon and back.
Quutopia bath puzzles are suitable for children from 1 year.