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Mudpuppy colorful puzzles for kids

Puzzles with beautiful illustrations, challenging and fascinating to puzzle. Mudpuppy puzzles for the little ones from 1.5 years and super cool glow in the dark puzzle for children from 5 years and even with puzzles with 500 and 1000 pieces for the real puzzlers from 8 years.

Mudpuppy puzzles

At Mudpuppy they are champions in making beautiful puzzles, Mudpuppy is the brand par excellence for beautifully illustrated puzzles. Every season they come up with unique puzzles with that extra thing you are looking for for children, such as glow in the dark, glitter effects and always in collaboration with the coolest illustrators.
The Mudpuppy puzzles are made of super sturdy cardboard based on 70% recycled paper, printed with non-toxic soy-based ink, so safe for children.

Mudpuppy puzzle 1000 pieces

Sit down for a while, the 1000 piece Mudpuppy puzzles are challenging to make but fun with lots of illustrations and super fun to make together. Your word and ocean life are educational puzzles.
New the Mudpuppy glow in the dark puzzle with 500 pieces with ocean animals, animals in the jungle or in a space theme. The glow in the dark puzzles are also available with 100 pieces in all kinds of fascinating themes from dinosaurs to rainforest.

Mudpuppy observation puzzles Search & Find

An educational observation puzzle with 64 pieces in different themes. A fun puzzle to make, find the elements in the border in the puzzle.

Mudpuppy magnetic puzzles

Really very handy because this magnetic puzzle is in a storage folder and you make the puzzle in it, the puzzle pieces stick to the background so you don't lose the puzzle pieces. A perfect puzzle companion for on the go and when travelling.

About Mudpuppy

Mudpuppy was launched in 1992 and specialized in puzzles but now Mudpuppy includes the range, puzzles, games and toys for children and the young at heart.
Mudpuppy believes they make toys that help kids unplug and spend less time in front of screens with modern designs that are fun and interesting.

Mupuppy puzzles and toys can be found sold in museum shops, the best specialty shops and independent gift and toy shops all over the world.